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Robins Plumbing frequently advises clients not to have their plumbing done by anyone but a licensed, insured, and reputable plumbing company, and for good reason. We see the aftermath and heartache as the result of someone without the proper experience doing the work. Plumbing is often considered “just” plumbing because experienced plumbers make it look so easy. It is a lot like watching a Bob Ross video and then humbly realizing that it is a lot harder than it looks after you try to do it yourself. I am speaking from personal experience, I did not successfully make happy trees! A particular project today served as a reminder that plumbing should be left to the licensed plumbing professional. Our hearts go out to our new client today who called panicked and almost in tears that her bedroom was completely flooded and that she had an emergency leak. This, of course, happened while she was at work, and she returned to her home to find a flood.

Hire A Licensed, Insured and Reputable Company

We arrived 30 minutes later to discover that the savings of having a buddy replace her angle stops cost her a lot of heartache, not to mention the cost of the damages that are now her expense. I wouldn’t wish a flood on anyone. Your home and life are not your own for weeks – and sometimes as long as several months – as your house gets put back together. If you have ever had a flood or know someone who has, you know the chaos I am referring to. It isn’t like a remodel, something that you want to have happen because you know the end result is going to be the home of your dreams so you deal with the crazy mess as patiently as you can. No, a flood is like having your home violated, and all you want is your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Floods are why we offer so many preventative maintenance options at Robins Plumbing; we don’t want anyone to have one.

A Tiny Shut-off Valve Can Flood an Entire Home in a Few Hours

An angle stop may not seem like a big thing, you can buy them at any local hardware store. What many homeowners don’t realize when replacing angle stops as a DIY project or having a friend take care of it or even a handyman is that the angle stop itself is not difficult to install, it is the ferrule and the condition of the existing pipe that makes this a job for a licensed plumbing company. A licensed and reputable plumbing company will have the specialized tools required to remove the angle stop safely without causing damage to the existing pipe. Also, they will have the knowledge to be able to tell if the existing pipe is in too poor of a condition to hold a seal with a new ferrule and angle stop or if the section needs to be cut back to connect to a clean pipe that will hold a seal. A professional also knows how to install the angle stop correctly, without the mistake of using Teflon tape or plumber’s putty.

Don’t Let Your Friend Do Your Plumbing

After further inspection of the situation, we found a total of four angle stops replaced by our client’s friend and they were all able to be removed from the pipe by just pulling on them with our hand. An angle stop should not be able to be removed without serious effort and a tool. The parts were quality, but the installation was done incorrectly and it resulted in a flood.

When In Doubt… Call a Plumber!

Instead of relying on friends or family to handle your plumbing issues in times of need, you should call a licensed professional. Why risk the chance of inconvenience to your life and major damage to your residence? Robins Plumbing can help you with whatever problem you may have, whether it’s locating a leak, flood cleanup, or backflow prevention. With over fifteen years in the business, Robins Plumbing can get the job done efficiently and as quickly as possible. Contact us now, we’ll be glad to help you!
Angle stop blew off of the pipe and flooded the bedroomTeflon tape on the pipe and on the angle stop causing them to separate and not seal

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