Inside of a sewer line for blog "Buying a Home? Inspect Your Sewer Line!"

Home Sewer Line Inspection

Inside of a sewer lineThe Phoenix area real estate market is booming. Houses are selling faster than they can hit the market. What you don’t know though can cost you – thousands and thousands of dollars! Home inspections are important but home inspectors can only see the surface of your home.  Home inspections are like going to do the doctor for a checkup, the doctor though may require further diagnostics and equipment to figure out what is potentially wrong or to even ensure that nothing is wrong. It is common knowledge to inspect your air conditioner, your roof and other surface materials but what about what you can’t see that is lying below the surface?

Here is what one of our amazing professional real estate clients has to say:

“As a full-time real estate agent, I never let an inspection period end for my buyers without calling Robin’s Plumbing for a sewer scope. I’ve learned through experience that not checking the sewer lines, especially in older homes, can result in a sudden and costly repair for my clients after closing. I’ve had multiple clients who, just months after closing on their new homes, had main sewer lines collapse on their properties. These damages may have been avoided with a simple sewer line inspection during the inspection period. Usually, the sewer lines looks great, but I’ve had a few situations where we caught and avoided major and costly sewer line issues before the inspection period was over, and the sellers were willing to pay for the repairs. I love working with Robin’s Plumbing – they are the plumbers I always call and refer! Their customer service and friendly staff is top notch, and their plumbers are experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. They also clean up their work! I never let an inspection period end without scheduling a sewer scope, no matter the age of the home.”

Danielle O’Connell

Residential Specialist

HomeSmart Elite Group

What Does Inspecting Your Sewer Line Entail?

When you hire Robins Plumbing to inspect your sewer line we run sophisticated equipment through your sewer line. This equipment has a camera at the end of the cable that sends an image to a screen showing the condition of your sewer line on the screen. We also record the visual inspection and provide a link to watch the recording from anywhere online. From the visual inspection, our plumber will provide recommendations of what, if anything should be done next.

Book your camera inspection through your licensed real estate agent and save $100.00 on the normal price of this service.

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