Kitchen sink faucet that has a sensor in front and on top to turn on water
I recently found myself in need of a new kitchen faucet. The sprayer hose on my old faucet had a bubble in it that we were fortunate to find during our annual plumbing home inspection, preventing a huge flood. I never look under my sink and inspect my faucet so I had no idea that the sprayer hose was about to burst.

We repair and replace a lot of faucets as I’m sure you can imagine. Being in the plumbing profession gives me a lot of insight as we repair and replace thousands of faucets a year. Now it was my turn and armed with the knowledge of thousands of calls I went into choosing my faucet wisely and I want to share with you why I chose the faucet I did.

Easy to Decide When Considering These Questions:

  1. How Often Do We Repair/Replace This Faucet Brand/Model?

    There are a few kitchen faucet brands that we just don’t repair/replace as often as others. It came down to three different brands, Moen, Delta and Price Pfister. These three brands we don’t get called out for as often as some other brands so I knew I was going to go with one of these three kitchen faucet manufacturers. I know that my kitchen faucet is an initial investment but if I chose wisely it wouldn’t cost me any more money for years to come as opposed to trying to save $30-40.00 and it ends up costing me hundreds more in repairs over the next couple of years. This is actually the biggest thing I hear from my clients. I wish I had bought a nicer faucet, I would have saved a ton of money.

  2. How Long Is the Parts Warranty?

    Many manufacturers offer great warranties on their parts, but what about finishes? Delta has a great warranty, up to 5 years as the original owner of the faucet, even on electrical components, yes some faucets have electrical components. Moen has a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner of the faucet. Price Pfister has up to a ten-year warranty for the initial owner and up to 5 years of electrical components.

  3. How Easy Are Parts to Locate? How Difficult Will it Be to Get Warranty Parts from Manufacturer?

    When it comes to getting parts for a faucet, not all manufacturers are created equal. Some manufacturers seem to look for every reason not to warranty apart while other faucet manufacturers like Moen are more than happy to honor the warranty and they send the part on the same day. As a licensed plumbing professional I deal with tons of faucet manufacturers and there are some that are pleasant to call and deal with and others that I would rather go through a tax audit than have to call.

  4. Will I Have Any Buyer’s Remorse?

    I wanted a faucet I would love for years. Have you ever bought something and then six months later wished you had bought something better? I have. Whether it was a TV that 5 months later a better version came out with lots of great features or a cell phone that a few months later an improved model comes out – buyers remorse sucks. I didn’t want to buy a faucet and a few months later wish I had bought a faucet with better features. I chose a finish that was beautiful and easy to clean. I made sure the spout came out far enough into my sink basin to make using it comfortably and that my faucet had a hands free option making cooking so much more rewarding since I wouldn’t be putting my dirty hands all over my faucet to turn it on.

  5. Will This Model/Brand Look Good in 15 Years?

    The brand and model I purchased I wanted to be a classic look that would last for years to come and good style is always in season. Classic models never go out of style and as far as plumbing fixtures go, I don’t believe in going with fads. Paint is where I would recommend someone experiment with fads, it is cheap to paint, but plumbing fixtures I always advise someone goes with something on the classic side so that it doesn’t go out of style and age your home.

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