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Don’t Get Stuck Waiting – We’ll Call YOU!

I am constantly putting myself in the client’s shoes, and you know what? The client’s shoes aren’t always fun to wear; in fact, they are often uncomfortable. It can be easy for me to take for granted that my clients will have an amazing experience when they call us, I mean, I have an amazing team that strives to provide a Higher Level of Service. What about first-time clients, they don’t know yet what to expect.

I’ve had to call for my fair share of repairs in my home and every time that it is a new service that I haven’t used the company before I get a pit in my stomach on choosing the right company. Of course, like you, I want someone that I can trust to guide me through the process and not rip me off. I want a company that will educate me, show up on time, do a good job and dare I say it….not leave a mess in my home. I confess I have failed many times choosing a service provider for my home. I have had some mediocre experiences, kind of like going to a restaurant that wasn’t good or bad but not worth your time, energy or money to ever go back to. I’ve also had some downright horrible experiences that make me want to scream! I mention this because I am fresh off of a horrible experience with a pool remodeler that has enlightened me to how awful it can be to be a customer.

Rumor has it that when you call a service company out, you end up waiting all day, whether it is the plumber, the cable guy, an electrician or utility company. You’re told by the dispatcher they will be out sometime between dawn and dusk and you’re stuck waiting for them. I recently had to schedule out a repairman for my home, and I was told that the technician would be out sometime between 8 am and 5 pm. WHAT! You want me to stay at home all day waiting for your repairman? Can’t you give me a closer time frame than 9 hours? Even as I protested, I was told no, that was the best they could do. Well, that may be the best they could do, but they aren’t Robins Plumbing, and that is not a Higher Level of Service.

Skeleton sitting in a chair captioned "Just sitting here waiting on the plumber to arrive"When you call Robins Plumbing, I know what it is like to stand in your shoes pacing all day waiting for a service technician, and we’ve all got better things to do! Even if we are going to be home all day anyway, we don’t want to feel like prisoners in our homes, held hostage to someone else’s schedule. Many people must take time off work to meet with a service repairman, most often without pay. Asking someone to forfeit their income for a day so they can have something repaired in their home is archaic and completely disrespectful. This is the age of technology. There are these magic devices called cell phones; these magic devices allow us to be reached anywhere at any time (not always a good thing) and allow us the freedom to move about without being tethered to a wall. Now I am having a flashback of being a teenager on a landline tethered to the wall. Back on track here, cell phones can be the ultimate freedom when it comes to scheduling a plumber with Robins Plumbing. When you call for service you’re NOT A PRISONER to your home, we will call you with enough notice that you can move on with your life and head home when we are on the way.

A breakthrough, I know. Just imagine, you call us to schedule to have your kitchen sink cleared, our office will great you over the phone with a smile ready to help. We will let you know it should be within a 2-hour window AND we will gladly give you a 30-60 minute (more if needed) notice based on your preference to let you know the technician is en route to your home. You’re able to go about your day as you normally would, and when one of our amazing technicians calls you that he is on the way, you head home to meet him and get your kitchen sink cleared.

Doesn’t that seem so much easier than waiting around all day? I thought so too! It is a win-win! We win because we can be more flexible with our schedule as an emergency company and you win because you’re not stuck waiting for us! A no-brainer if you ask me!

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