Water droplet graphic saying "Hot water accounts for 25% of residential energy costs"

For over 20 years clients like you have been asking Robins Plumbing if they should convert their electric tank-style water heater to a tankless version and I have been telling them no! I recommended that clients not convert to a tankless water heater unless they have a gas water heater. Electric tankless water heaters have had a poor track record of not being able to produce enough hot water, especially compared to their gas-powered cousins. Electric tankless water heaters have had a history of being expensive, they don’t work well, and they have a terrible warranty with expensive parts to replace. Well, I’m excited to tell you that there is, finally, an electric tankless water heater that is dominating the electric tankless water heater market, and plumbing companies are thrilled with it for good reason. First and foremost, at Robins Plumbing, we will never share a product with you that we wouldn’t install in our own homes. We have done a ton of research and are proud to share with you an electric tankless water heater that makes the cut.

I’d like to introduce you to trutankless – with the most innovative tankless water heating technology and the industry’s best residential warranty. For years, trutankless worked closely with industry professionals to gather insights into tankless heater systems. The result? Cutting-edge technology that takes the tankless industry to a new level of sophistication. Energy conservation, long-term savings, and endless hot water are what our customers want and that’s exactly what trutankless delivers.

“In the past, electric tankless water heaters didn’t work, didn’t last, and the technology wasn’t there. It wasn’t really a viable option, but it is now with these trutankless units” Horizon Plumbing GM – Troy Koopman Texas

Why upgrade and invest in a trutankless electric water heater?

  1. Space Savings

    The size difference between a standard electric tank style water heater and a tankless is dramatic. A tankless water heater is about the size of a medium suitcase hanging neatly on your wall. The height is 17.2”, width is 23.74” and the depth is 5.5”. This is one of those times when bigger isn’t always better.

  2. Endless Hot Water

    Enjoy endless hot water, you won’t have to rush out of the shower to make sure that everyone else can take one before the water heater runs out.

  3. Up to 3 Times theLife of a Standard Tank-Style Water Heater

    Tank style electric water heaters have a standard warranty of 6 years on their tank, they are lined with glass and inevitably the glass will break and you’re left with the expense of a replacement as well as possible water damage. A trutankless water heater can last up to three times as long making your trutankless installation the equivalent of the installation of three standard water heaters.

  4. Lower Cost of Operation vs Standard Tank | Saves Electricity (30%-50% monthly!)

    Trutankless is far superior to a standard water heater in efficiency. A trutankless water heater operates at near 100% efficiency. Trutankless uses less energy equating into energy savings that really add up in your wallet. Most customers save over $250.00 a year vs a standard electric storage tank water heater.

  5. Reduce Possibilities of Flooding and Structural Damage

    If you haven’t had a water heater rupture, congratulations! Two-thirds of tank-style water heaters will rupture, and without a water heater pan, the damage of 40 gallons or 50 gallons of water can mean serious water damage, even when you shut the water off to the water heater you still have 40-50 gallons of water that are going to flood and potentially cause structural damage. A trutankless water heater has a manifold in it that holds approximately a ¼ gallon of water, so if in the unlikely case that the K copper manifold leaks, once you shut off the unit you only have a quarter gallon of water to clean up. The trutankless unit also has a sensor inside it that if it gets wet makes a noise, indicating that you need to turn the water off to the unit because there is a problem.

  6. WiFi Compatibility | Monitor Hot Water Usage and Temperature

  7. Best Warranty in the Tankless Market (5 years on all parts, limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger)

We Can Handle Your Water Heater Needs

In addition to handling the installation and service of a new trutankless water heater in your home, Robins Plumbing can also help you with installation and repair of standard electric water heaters, tankless gas heaters, and hybrid water heaters. We’ve been in the business since 2004, and we offer a degree of quality work and attention that can’t be found with any other plumbing company in the Phoenix area. We’ll do the job right.

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