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Own a Vacation Rental Property? Invest in a Hybrid Today!

Hybrid water heaters save money on electricity, putting more money in your pocket every month.

As an investor the goal is to create as much profit as possible with your investment. Vacation rentals and Air B&B’s can be a great long-term investment if you’re smart about it. Vacation rentals aren’t about the short game; they are about the long-term investment and the return on that long-term investment can be increased by reducing monthly expenses.

What if I told you that Robins Plumbing could help save you ~$4750.00 in electricity over the next ten years?

The Cost Of A Standard Water Heater

We work for a lot of investors and property management companies that have vacation rentals, and the clientele are very different than those that have long-term rentals. Someone on vacation expects a different experience than someone who is renting the same home for a year or more. A tenant on vacation is not responsible for the amount of electricity they use or the amount of hot water they use.  On vacation we all expect to be pampered, and whether we are staying in a hotel or in a vacation rental, we’re going to pamper ourselves with long hot showers and baths and we’re not going to concern ourselves with the electric bill at all.

Did you know that a standard electric storage tank water heater uses more electricity than an electric washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher combined?  That’s right, your standard electric water heater is using more electricity than four appliances combined. For the average home, 25% of their electric bill is from heating water, and that is for a home that is occupied by someone who knows they are going to pay the electric bill every month.  A vacation home often has higher water heating costs due to the nature of the service they offer.

The Benefits Of A Hybrid Water Heater

There is a solution, and that is a hybrid water heater. We’re all familiar with hybrid cars — hybrid water heaters are a similar concept, but instead of using battery power, they use the power of hot air. A hybrid water heater uses the ambient heat surrounding the unit and converts that hot air into hot water. A hybrid water heater only uses the electric heating elements when the ambient temperature drops below 36 degrees, which we all know in Phoenix is not very often. Hybrid water heaters also use 65% less energy on a national average than a standard storage tank water heater. Imagine all the electric savings you would benefit from by saving 65% on the water heating costs of your vacation rental! More money in your pocket and not in the pocket of the utility company.

Hybrid water heaters also offer another great feature that offers peace of mind, they have a moisture sensor that looks for moisture on the exterior of the water heater and will alert you via an app on your cell phone if there is an issue. This app also allows you to control the water heater settings from wherever you are, so while your rental is not occupied you can quickly and easily set the water heater to vacation mode, taking more control of your investment.
Hybrid water heaters come in three different sizes so that you can make sure your vacationing clients don’t run out of hot water while enjoying their time away from reality. Whether you choose a 50 gallon water heater, a 65 gallon water heater or the 80 gallon water heater, you’re going to save on your monthly utility bill. We often recommend the 80 gallon size when a home has a large tub or advertises that the home sleeps 5 or more people.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of a hybrid water heater for your vacation home? One of our experienced technicians can answer all of your questions, contact our office today to schedule a no-obligation quote and consultation.

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