Closeup of a red gate valve on a pipe

A Higher Level of Service, it is our promise and our mission, and this project was no exception. When we answered the phone, “Robins Plumbing, how can I help you today?”, we quickly got the typical plumbing nightmare and frustration that is so common for homeowners in Phoenix when they call a plumber. The client was frustrated- she had recently hired a plumbing company to fix a leak in her backyard at her hose bibb and she said now, whenever they pull on the hose the pipe flexes and is looks like it could break. What we saw next surprised us, this work was done by a licensed plumber here in Phoenix and it looked like the worst DIY job we’d seen in a long time.

Image of outdoor plumbing that doesn't meet codeNo, This Wasn’t a DIY Project Gone Wrong…

With all of these plastic connections above ground leading to the hose bibb, this was a plumbing emergency waiting to happen. To get straight to the point, as soon as we touched it, the pipe burst and my plumber was given a free shower and had to rush to the front of the house to shut the plumbing down at the main. Free shower aside, I was so frustrated for our client that this was happening to them since they’d already paid a licensed plumbing professional to make the repairs that we were having to redo for them. This pipe could have come apart while the clients were at work and flooded their backyard, or worse it could have flooded while they were on vacation. This plastic white fitting you see is not allowed to be above ground on a potable water system. This is a clear plumbing code violation. The white plastic valve with the red handle is also not allowed to be on a potable water system above ground. That grey section that you see is schedule 80 PVC and is also not allowed to be above ground on a potable water system. This plumbing repair is out of code in several sections and all of those plastic fittings is why our client couldn’t pull on their hose safely. The irrigation control valve at the top is an anti-siphon valve and is not allowed to be in the on position for more than 12 hours a day or have other valves after it. The way it is now, it is on all of the time and has other irrigation control valves after it so this section is also a plumbing code violation.

Corrected outdoor plumbing issue that previously violated codeNot all plumbing companies are created equal.

The completed project, as you can clearly see, is plumbing done with a Higher Level of Service. Our team takes pride in doing things right, or not at all. Our craftsmanship is our form of artwork and the pride we feel from a job well done at the end of every day keeps us feeling fulfilled. You can trust our team to strive to be the plumbing company you trust and refer for life. This client now has solid copper going up to their hose bibb and can run their garden hose with confidence.

The white PVC section that you see on the right-hand side is on the irrigation and is no longer on the potable water system. We installed a pressure vacuum breaker in place of the anti-siphon valve, this is the correct form of backflow prevention for an irrigation system in residential plumbing applications. The job is done correctly and up to code and also looks cleaner and more professional.

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