Automated sprinkler shooting out water with caption "Summer Plumbing Tips" for blog "Summer Plumbing Tips"

Phoenix Summer Plumbing Tips

Automated sprinkler shooting out water with caption "Summer Plumbing Tips" for blog "Summer Plumbing Tips"
We are excited to share some phoenix summer plumbing tips with you. Phoenix gets hot! As an Arizona native and more than 19 years as a plumber in Phoenix, I’ve seen it all. Plumbing issues and water problems can take the fun out of summer if you’re not prepared. Here’s a few quick tips to help keep you cool this summer.

  1. Water usage is at its peak during our hot Phoenix days. Be sure to check your irrigation timers and pool filters to ensure they are operating correctly. Check all appliances and fixtures for leaks and overall condition.
  2. No need to waste electricity or gas this summer by heating your water at the same temperature as you use in the winter. Check your water heater temperature and lower it to around 120 degrees. Not too low, but a few degrees will shave a little something off the utility bills and help offset the seasonal increase in electricity usage.
  3. Have your sewer lines checked before the season starts, plants are aggressively looking for water sources during our summer months and you want to make sure they haven’t decided that a great water source is your sewer line. Tree roots will actually tend to grow towards a leaking or cracked sewer line in order to feed on the nutrients. Tree roots are a huge problem in the downtown Phoenix area because of the age and condition of the sewer lines there.
  4. Eliminate sources of standing water in and around your home and backyard, these spots usually occur in a shaded area being irrigated or at that leaking hose bibb you’ve seen dripping for a while and keep forgetting to call the plumber to fix. In addition to the usual corrosion and mold hazards, these puddles breed disease-bearing insects, bees and termites!
  5. Disconnect your garden hoses when not in use and store them properly. Make sure the hose ends are pointed down.
  6. Always check drain spouts and gutters to ensure they are clean and free of blockages.
  7. Are your kids home from school? This is a BIG tip! We get calls from moms and dads on a daily basis that their child has flushed a foreign object down the toilet. This can create a huge problem. Some items can’t be retrieved and the toilet actually has to be replaced. Keep your toilets and children safe this summer by keeping small items out of the bathroom. Commonly flushed items are makeup, jewelry, toys and the toilet paper holder.

My biggest tip for summer, don’t forget it will be over soon!  Keep cool my friends, remember we make this sacrifice for a few months to enjoy the beautiful weather the rest of the year and to enjoy our epic sunsets.

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