Competitive Market

Online advertising for plumbing companies is not cheap, in fact, plumbing is one of the most competitive markets for advertising there is. Did you know that a pay per click ad for drain cleaning can range between $50.00 – $70.00 per click? That cost is per click, not cost per lead so you can imagine how quickly that can add up on our marketing budgets bottom line. Let’s face it, we don’t pay for advertising, our clients do and to keep advertising costs low, so we can keep our service costs low. I am always thinking out of the box and relying on great clients to share their experience with friends, family, and co-workers. Referrals equal more than 80% of our company’s new client base. With the cost of advertising for plumbing services being so high I look to my amazing clients for feedback on how they search online for the services they need. The answer is very often “I googled plumber near me” which got me to thinking, why? Why do we search for services near us?

I asked a few clients why they searched for a plumber near them when they were not the ones who had to travel, we were coming to them. What I heard, and hadn’t thought of, was that clients just like you assume there is a trip charge for driving to your home, so they wanted to keep the trip charge as low as possible by choosing a plumbing company with an office close to them. The other answer I heard was that they thought the response time would be faster by choosing a plumbing company that was close to them. These are both excellent reasons to search for a plumber close to you, let me tell you a little secret. Robins Plumbing doesn’t have a trip charge. That’s right, Robins Plumbing doesn’t charge you to drive to your home if you are in our service area. Very few companies charge a trip charge anymore, there are a few, but we are not one of them.

What is our service area? We service the major Phoenix Metropolitan, and Queen Creek. If you are searching for a plumber in the Phoenix area, you’re very likely in our service area. Below are the cities and towns we provide plumbing services throughout the Valley. So, next time you’re in need of a plumber, just go to your favorite search engine or ask Siri to search for:

Robins Plumbing services valley-wide with no trip charge, the other secret – response time is not affected by the location of our office because our technicians are rarely here except for company meetings and to turn in paperwork. Our service technicians are stationed all over the valley with their designated service areas so even though we have an office in Glendale and an office in Phoenix we can service North East Scottsdale just as fast because we have a plumber stationed in the area ready to take care of your plumbing problem.

Services in Phoenix & Beyond

When you’ve found yourself in need of plumbing services in the Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, or Chandler area, you can trust Robins Plumbing to provide you with prompt and expert care, contact our team today! In addition to our toilet services, we also offer a variety of residential and commercial plumbing services, including: drain cleaning, water heater repair and replacement, sewer camera inspection and locating, backflow prevention, commercial and residential jetting, water treatments, and more. Visit our reviews online to see what others have to say about our local plumbing company!