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5 Plumbing Myths | Fact or Fiction

  1. Toilets Swirl in Opposite Direction South of the Equator

    This is a popular myth, and though I don’t know where it started, I’ve heard it a million times (well, maybe not quite a million). Someone told me that it got its popularity from a Simpsons episode. The myth is that toilets south of the equator swirl and flush in the opposite direction due to something known as the Coriolis Effect, which is why cyclones rotate. The truth of the matter is that toilets swirl in the direction of the ports under the rim of the bowl; they simply don’t hold enough water to produce the Coriolis Effect.

  2. Grease Down the Sink Is OK Using Hot Water

    Let’s debunk this one right now because this isn’t just a popular myth, it is a costly mistake. Grease should never go down your lines, ever. Putting grease down your kitchen sink is bad enough and it will build up and back up your line but sending hot water after it is even worse. The hot water just keeps the grease warm a little bit longer and spreads the grease even further down your drain. The only way to clear built-up grease out of your lines is with a high-pressure jetting service. If you need this service, don’t hesitate to call our experienced team to get your lines cleared.

  3. Brick in Toilet Tank Will Save Money

    Eeeek! I think not. This old plumbing myth needs to be shut down for good. Modern toilets are using less and less water to get the job done. Most residential toilets only use 1.6 gallons to flush, some even less than that ranging from 1.3 and lower for some models. The idea on the brick is that it will displace water and over time save you a gallon or two. The savings of pennies can cost you a lot more in dollar bills. Reducing the water inside the tank from the manufacturer’s specifications can lead to stoppages by preventing it from working the way it was specifically engineered. If you want to save money on water, there are better ways.

  4. Plunging Your Toilet Is Okay/Normal

    It is commonplace to see a plunger next to a toilet, but that doesn’t mean it is normal. Plunging your toilet can put pressure on the wax seal between the toilet and the floor, breaking the seal. If you’re plunging your toilet, it is a sign that you need a toilet upgrade.

  5. Ice Will Sharpen Disposal Blades

    Ice will not sharpen the blades of your disposal. In fact, your disposal doesn’t even have blades! Your disposal has impeller-like discs whose job is to force food through them and turn the food into a slurry. What ice can do for your disposal is get rid of funky odors. Here’s a quick blog for our DIY recipe for cleaning your disposal.

Still struggling with plumbing myths?

Did you happen to miss our other fantastic entries on popular plumbing myths, and those myths somehow got the best of you and your home’s pipes? Don’t worry, Robins Plumbing is here to help. We specialize in toilet plumbing, drain cleaning, jetting services, and we can even get your garbage disposal working like brand-new again! Contact us when you have a plumbing problem, big or small, daytime or night-time. Robins Plumbing will be glad to help you!
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