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5 More Plumbing Myths Busted

We’re going to blast some popular plumbing myths today.  There are a lot of plumbing myths, today we’re going to bust 5 of them in part one of our plumbing myths mini-series.  Do you have a plumbing myth?  Let us know!

1 – Chemical drain cleaners are safe

Chemical drain cleaners have done an incredible job marketing themselves as a great DIY alternative to calling a plumber out to clear your stoppage.  What they don’t mention in their marketing campaign is how dangerous they can be to both your plumbing system and your physical well-being.   Not all plumbing systems can handle chemical cleaners, especially older systems using outdated plumbing methods.  For example, if you have a cast iron drain line, the chemical drain cleaner can eat through the pipe causing more harm than good.  Chemical drain cleaners can also burn your skin, and many homeowners in their attempts to clear a plumbing stoppage often use a chemical drain cleaner, only to discover it didn’t work.  Consecutive attempts may then include DIY tools like a plunger, a blow bag or a stoppage retriever, with the end result often being chemical burns on your skin, still having a stoppage, and further frustration.

If you do have a stoppage, it is best to leave it to the professionals, especially if you don’t know for sure if your drain system can handle a chemical drain cleaner.

2 – Flushable wipes and Feminine products

It says flushable, so we can flush them, right?  Wrong.  Flushable wipes can mean bad news for your plumbing system because they do not dissolve.  Your drain system, unless brand new, needs to be handled with care to ensure stoppages are not a regular occurrence in your home.  Your sewer line, over time, starts to settle, get bellies (a plumber’s term for sags or warps), cracks, buildup and can even have roots in it.  These are all great places for wipes to catch and create a stoppage.

Ladies, ladies, ladies:  stop flushing your feminine products!  I know many boxes say they are flushable, but they should say “flush at your own risk – we don’t know the condition of your plumbing system“.

3 – Flushing all of the toilets at once in a skyscraper will destroy it

Who thinks of these things? Never mind, I probably don’t want to know.  While the likelihood of every toilet being flushed in a skyscraper at the same time is about zero, the fact of the matter is, the plumbing system is designed to handle it.  A lot of math and engineering goes into the design of a plumbing system.  Each fixture is assigned a fixture unit count and the plumbing system is designed by size, length, and slope to accommodate the fixture units assigned to them.

4 – Placing your compact discs in the toilet and giving them a “swirly” will clean them

I am literally shaking my head on this one.  Apparently, back in 2013, this became all the rage in high schools around the country.  This rumor went viral on the internet through forums, recommending that if you had a CD that wasn’t working, you could put it in a toilet, give it a swirly and buff out any scratches.  The truth? All that will happen by putting your CD’s in your toilet is they will get covered in toilet water, and you’ll probably end up scratching them even more as the swirly action beats them against the porcelain bowl.

5 – A tankless water heater will give you instant hot water

There is a myth that tankless water heaters instantly heat the water – this simply is not trueTankless water heaters are becoming the new standard for homeowners in the Phoenix area, but this is a myth that we really want to clean up as we are huge fans of this new technology.  Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water, not instant hot water.  When we think instant hot water, we think we are going to turn on our faucet or shower, and within seconds we will have hot water – a tankless water heater cannot produce this result.  The cold water that is in the line still has to run through before the hot water can get there.  The only way to have instant hot water at your faucets and showers is to have a recirculating pump installed on your plumbing system.  A recirculating pump pulls the cold water out of the water line and puts it back into the system allowing room for the hot water to instantly be there.

Don’t let plumbing myths get the best of you

Your friends may tell you it’s okay to do “this” or “that” to your plumbing system, but don’t let them fool you into making a mistake that could cost you serious time and money. When in doubt, contact a professional like Robins Plumbing. We have the experience to handle any kind of plumbing problem you can throw at us, whether it’s residential or commercial. We’ll handle everything from water heater repair to jetting services to general plumbing. Give us a call in your hour of need!