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5 More Plumbing Myths Busted

Robins Plumbing, Inc. is going to blast some popular plumbing myths today.  There are a lot of plumbing myths, today we’re going to bust 5 of them in part one of our plumbing myths mini-series.  Do you have a plumbing myth?  Let us know!

1- Eggshells are a good way to clean your disposal

I’ve heard this one a million times, okay not a million but it seems like it, especially when we are at a home clearing out eggshells from the drain line.  Let’s be clear, eggshells are not a good way to clean your disposal, they also are not a good way to sharpen the disposal “blades”.  Egg shells are a great way to stop up the line right after your disposal and create a stoppage.  Want a list of common things you shouldn’t be putting down your disposal, check out our quick blog.

2 – Turning your main water shut off valve down will lower the pressure of water in your home

If you have high water pressure in your home you may think that partially closing the shut off valve to your home will reduce the pressure.  It won’t.  To debunk this myth we have to understand the difference between pressure and volume.  When we close the valve it reduces volume not pressure.  Imagine your hose, when you put your finger over the end of your hose, you still have pressure, but you have reduced volume.  The only way to reduce pressure in your home is with a pressure regulating valve.  It may seem like you’ve reduced pressure because of the lack of volume but as soon as your plumbing system is put back to rest the volume builds and the pressure is restored.

3 – Using a toilet without the seat will suck out your intestines

I remember hearing this one for the first time when I was 17 and just starting out in the plumbing profession.  One of the plumbers told me this myth, and he thought it was true.  He told me that if someone stays seated on a toilet and flushes it without a toilet seat the suction from the flush would suck out their intestines.  NASTY.  Fun fact, a toilet seat is considered an accessory and isn’t a part of the toilet itself.  Toilet seats are provided for comfort and to create an air gap but your toilet flush is not powerful enough to suck out your body parts.

4 – Clearing a stoppage with a plunger

We covered toilet stoppages and plunging but plunging stoppages at your sinks and showers or tubs can be equally devastating.  Your drain system isn’t meant to have pressure on it like your water system is. Putting too much pressure on your drain system can weaken the connections on your drain system and create leaks at fittings.

5 – In-tank toilet cleaners are a good idea

Believe me when I tell you that I want a magical elf to keep my toilets clean.  Manufacturers have been trying to create those magic elves in the form of leave-behind cleaners.  The problem lies in the cleaners that are left inside your toilet tank, while they turn your water a beautiful blue, they are also eroding the parts within your tank.

Still struggling with plumbing myths?

Did you happen to miss our other fantastic entries on popular plumbing myths, and those myths somehow got the best of you and your home’s pipes?  Don’t worry, Robins Plumbing, Inc. is here to help.  We specialize in toilet  plumbing, drain cleaning, jetting services, and we can even get your garbage disposal working like brand-new again!  Contact us when you have a plumbing problem, big or small, daytime or night-time.  Robins Plumbing will be glad to help you!

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