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The summertime in Phoenix is no joke, and although most of us locals are acclimated and know what to expect, the Valley is quickly growing with new desert-dwellers who might find themselves in for a bit of a surprise. Whether you’re ready for it or not, the heat won’t hold back on doing its best to take a toll on your plumbing. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you get prepared:

Seven Tips for Surviving the Hot Phoenix Summer!

  1. Disconnecting Garden Hose from Bibb

    Who doesn’t love to cool off and feel refreshed in the boiling hot weather? If your kids are anything like me when I was younger, playing with the hose outside is an easy go-to when trying to beat the heat. Unfortunately, playtime may turn into a trip to the doc if you’re not careful. When a garden hose is left connected to the hose bibb outside, the settled water remaining inside begins to heat up; the water can reach scalding hot temperatures, in some cases nearly 140 degrees! This is especially problematic if you have an end attachment on your hose that keeps the water trapped inside. It’s much better to be safe than sorry by simply removing your hose from the bibb, draining out the leftover water, and placing it in the shade. Ready to rinse off? Reconnect your hose and let the water flow for 60 seconds, or until it reaches what we know as “room temp” to avoid serious injuries. Your body will thank you the next time you’re looking to cool off and have some fun outside!

  2. Servicing Your Water Heater: Turning the Temperature Down

    This is a topic that can vary from person-to-person, but here’s my thought process: “Why would you keep the water heater set at a temperature that’s hotter than the water you normally enjoy using during the summer?”. My husband doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal… But, me being the budgeter, I see the value in saving energy to have ours set lower during the summertime. Plus, most of us aren’t looking for a hot shower this time of year, we want to feel refreshed after rinsing off. I recommend setting it at a temp around 120 degrees, or whatever feels comfortable for you. Additionally, many people turn the temperature up on their water heaters in the winter and forget about them over time, so this is a great reminder to get it turned back down if you should so choose.

  3. Eliminating Sources of Stagnant Water Around Your Home

    We have gone to many plumbing repairs throughout our time where we see clusters of mosquitoes, wasps, termites, etc. that love to nest around pools of water. If you don’t want pesky bugs around your home, and I’m very confident that you don’t, then it’s always a good idea to scope the parameter for any wet spots. There’s an abundance of factors that could lead to moisture build-up around your home, including a leaky hose bibb you’ve been putting off to fix, holes in your irrigation system that you were unaware of, a damaged water service line, the possibilities are bountiful. This is why I advise scoping your property every couple of weeks to avoid attracting those unwanted critters. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to help reassure that your plumbing below ground is in good condition while enduring the harsh summer. If you do notice something out of the norm, don’t hesitate to give Robins Plumbing a call so we can help you address the issue!

  4. Proper Irrigation Methods

    Can you imagine being trapped outside in the sun all day? I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that you’d be parched afterward, and your plants don’t feel any differently! This is why it’s so important to make sure that your irrigation system is running as long as it needs to and as often as your various plants need. Although this may mean using more water than you normally do during every other season, you’ll be thanking yourself when your yard is luscious and healthy compared to your neighbors who didn’t properly care for their landscaping. Not paying attention to your plants, even if only for a few days, can result in thousands of dollars being wasted away once everything withers away.

  5. Monsoon Season

    You better get ready, because they’re on the way! We’re approaching monsoon season here in the valley of the sun, which means torrential downpours, haboobs, the whole nine yards. Considering the huge amount of water we see during a single storm, we want to make sure our homes are ready for impact. Specifically, checking our rain gutters to make sure they’re free of leaves, twigs, etc. will help regulate the flow of the massive amounts of water we’ll endure. It’s also important to make sure the downspouts aren’t clogged and to know where your water will run. Although this would have been a good project to do when it was cooler out, don’t let the high temps end up costing you the big bucks in the long run when we’re face to face with Mother Nature.

  6. Protect Your Plumbing From Your Kids

    It’s summer, which means your kids are most likely spending a lot more time at home. Although they may be the cutest thing on Earth, don’t be fooled by your toddler’s deafening silence while you’re hard at work! Kids are curious creatures, and for some reason, they love to experiment with anything and everything that can, or can’t, go down your toilets and drains. Within the last week alone, we’ve found Barbie heads, NASCARs, and even safety clips that are meant to stop your child from opening the lid all down the toilet. Sometimes, we’re fortunate enough that stoppages don’t occur. But, this is something that can cause some serious damage down the line and end up costing you a lot more than a few over-priced toys. Even worse, there are times when items cannot be retrieved, meaning you have to replace your toilet all together!

  7. Hang in There…

    The days seem never-ending and the high temperatures are hell, but I have good news for you: the end of summer is near! Newbies are astonished with how Phoenix locals can tolerate the extreme weather conditions. Then, summer finally comes to an end, and we’re blessed with nearly nine months of complete paradise and everyone reaps the benefits of dealing with the heat. Just remember, you’re not alone in this and we will make it through one heat wave at a time, together. Be smart and don’t overexert yourself when outside, cool off when you can, enjoy a cold beverage, and laugh at everyone braving the cold when you’re enjoying a desert oasis after defeating the hot Phoenix summer!

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