Save Money On Your Water Bill In Scottsdale AZThe City of Scottsdale has some amazing rebate programs that are geared to lower the usage of wasted water and saving money on your scottsdale water bill. As homeowners, we don’t typically think about all of the plumbing fixtures in our home and how they can be using more water than necessary. The City of Scottsdale has thought of just those things and they are encouraging their residents to reduce their water usage by improving their plumbing fixtures.

Did you know that traditional salt water softeners waster a lot of water?  Did you know that they also put salt into the system?  The City of Scottsdale prides itself on recycling water, and salt systems dump salt back into the water system and shows back up in the recycled water.  Salt in our water can be harmful to people, plant life and our environment.  The City of Scottsdale has to go through very expensive measures to reduce the salinity levels and is looking to the residents of Scottsdale to help.

The City of Scottsdale is offering for a limited time a rebate on your water bill when you upgrade to a high-efficiency model.  Deadline is 4/30/2016

You will need to meet the requirements outlined by the City of Scottsdale and fill out their rebate form and can find more specific information on their website

Approved applicants will receive a one-time $50 rebate for replacing an existing time-clock-based, self-regenerating, salt-using water softener with a more efficient demand-based water softener. It should be noted that this option is subject to very specific requirements of both existing and replacement water softener models.

  • Replacement water softener must be demand-initiated and not time clock-based self-regeneration. Manufacturers vary in language when describing their products. Refer to the packaging or the manufacturer’s website for efficiency information.
  • If you elect to use a self-regenerating salt-using water softener, we recommend choosing a unit that is salt-efficient with at least 4,000 grains of hardness removed for each pound of salt used and with no more than 5 gallons of regeneration water used per 1,000 grains of hardness removed.
  • Replacement water softener can be from any retailer (including online). Make sure the receipt is dated and lists the type of water softener purchased. Original receipts from major home improvement stores with stock-keeping units (SKU) or universal product codes (UPC) are acceptable for proof of purchase.
  • Upgrade option requires appropriate proof of purchase but does not require an inspection.

We provide plumbing in Scottsdale  if you’re considering an upgrade to your salt water system or would like to know options on salt-free softening systems call our office today for a no-obligation consultation.  Our mission is to educate you so that you can make an informed decision that is right for your family or business.

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