Clay pipe with tree roots coming out of it for blog "Sewer Lines Causing Stoppage"

Got Roots Phoenix?

Clay pipe with tree roots coming out of it for blog "Sewer Lines Causing Stoppage"You just found out you have roots in your sewer line… now what?

Stoppages happen to lots of us, not a big deal most of the time but what can you expect if you find that your sewer line is actually backed up due to a broken sewer line or roots? Roots can be a big problem for Phoenix homeowners because of our amazing desert landscaping. Desert plants will go to incredible lengths to find water and your sewer line is a perfect target. Once roots are in your sewer line your sewer line is broken and cannot be ignored. Roots will continue to grow and infest your entire sewer line in the process filling the line to capacity leaving no room for anything else to flow through.

Here is a photo of a single section of roots pulled from a sewer line after it was excavated and the broken section was opened. You can clearly see that a sewer line is no match for roots, nature wins.

The first step when you discover that your sewer line is broken is to have the sewer line inspected with a camera. Once the line has been visually inspected from the inside we are able to electronically locate where the break is and how deep the break is. A visual inspection of the sewer line will allow our technician to best inform you of what your options are, whether you should replace a section of pipe or if it is in your best interest to replace the entire sewer line.

Stop Ignoring Your Problems, We Will Help You Face Them

The last thing that you want to do is ignore the problem. A broken sewer line can be devastating to your property. A main line stoppage can quickly and effortlessly flood your home with sewer water. If you know that there is a problem with your sewer line you want to be proactive and handle the issue as a priority. If you already have a quote from another plumbing company I would encourage you to get a second opinion from Robins Plumbing, we are known for being dramatically more affordable and very often we save our clients thousands of dollars over our competitors.

If you experience any drain clogging give us a call before it turns into something much worse!

Services in Phoenix & Beyond

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