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So Much More Than Plumbing

Secret Santa Mission

This blog is hard for me to write, simply because I don’t’ feel words can truly express how grateful we are to our clients. Thanks to our clients, this year, we were able to adopt several families for Christmas that were struggling to make ends meet, in addition to our normal charitable contributions. I almost didn’t write this blog, but after speaking with a friend who’s opinion I greatly value, I was encouraged to write this blog to share with our clients what an impact they are having in the world and that sharing wasn’t bragging or looking for attention. My intention is to share from my heart with our clients the good that is happening in our community because of their trust in the team at Robins Plumbing.

This experience was incredible! We were referred to several families that had something happen this year that made it a challenge to pay day-to-day bills while also providing Christmas for their children. We got their lists for Santa and went shopping. Hours of wrapping and several bottles of red wine later, we had a ton of Christmas presents.

Christmas Eve, we loaded up the truck and delivered gifts after all of the kids were sleeping so they would wake up in the morning surprised by the gifts that Santa had brought. Being referred to the families was important to us, for two reasons. One, we knew the families were truly families in need of just a little extra help this year and not a family that would take the gifts from their children and return them to serve their own needs (yes, this has happened to us and several other people I know.) The second reason was that we could remain anonymous. We wanted to give, not with the hope of being paid back, but with the hope that someday it would be paid forward.

Thank you so much to our Loyalty Members who have trusted and referred us this year! We are so proud that more than 80% of our clients are repeat and referral clients. Your loyalty and referrals allowed us to spend money on our community, where it can do the most good, rather than expensive marketing campaigns and famous endorsements.  If you are a client of Robins Plumbing, these families thank you, without your help, these families wouldn’t have had presents under the tree. Together we can create an even bigger impact in 2018.

Thank you so much!

Stephanie Robins

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