Cover image of a new vs old NuvoH2O cartridge for blog "What's in Your Water?"

Do You Know What Is in Your Water?

  1. I’m Your Average Homeowner

    I have a busy life, and like you, Christmas in July pops up, and I am asking myself where the heck the first six months of the year went. How is this possible? I just got over Christmas in December; it can’t seriously be Christmas in July already! There are Christmas decorations up at the stores in July, can’t we have Halloween first?

    The world is in a rush, and I’m often behind the curve, who can keep up? With this in mind, please forgive me, I know better than to let the maintenance on my plumbing be ignored, but this month, I did. I’m human. I have an amazing softener and filtration system in my home. I LOVE IT! I know all of the benefits of soft water for my plumbing system but never purchased one because I also know the cons of having a salt system on my home, like shortening the lifespan of my water heater. A few years ago I discovered a softening system that didn’t require salt and after months of research and calling existing clients I was sold. I had to try it.

  2. Let Me Tell You Something…

    I have a Nuvo H20 Plus Taste on my home and let me tell you something; I had no idea how disgusting my water was until it became clean water. I’d been suffering for years with chlorinated nasty hard water, but since it was my normal, I didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t until after my water was filtered and softened that I knew I could never go back.

    The very first thing I noticed, my water didn’t smell like my pool anymore! This is a crazy concept. I’m a native to Arizona and didn’t realize how much our water stinks until I went to Oregon for a week. Everywhere I went the tap water tasted better than the filtered water heater in Phoenix. Let’s be real; Phoenix tap water tastes like it came fresh from the toilet bowl. I’ve had a reverse osmosis at my sink the entire time I have lived here, so I had clean drinking water, but what about the water I was bathing in? I now have clean, drinkable water at every fixture in my home. I am so grateful not to be bathing and brushing my teeth in chlorinated water anymore. One simple change has meant softer skin, softer hair, my hair color (red) lasts longer, and I don’t have to use nearly as much shampoo and conditioner.

    Soft skin aside, smelly water aside, it is the best thing in the world not to have water spots on everything. Hard water spots are in my past, and like the rest of my past, I want it to stay there and leave me alone. I do not miss the never-ending battle with hard water spots on my shower walls, my faucets, and my dishes. It took about two months before I noticed that the hard water that had built up on my plumbing fixtures was starting to disappear! It was very much like my plumbing fixtures had gone to the dentist and gotten a good cleaning, without the scary part of the dentist. I joke with my husband that I must have a magic fairy now that goes and cleans up all of the hard water spots in my sleep.

  3. I Sound Pretty Excited, Do I not?

    I am a believer in softening and filtration through chelation, and I love all of the benefits that come with having my Nuvo H20 Plus Taste and having clean drinkable water from every fixture in my house – including my toilet, just ask my dog, Buddy. Then life happened, and I forgot to order my Nuvo cartridges. Just like that, a flash from my past. I opened my dishwasher, and my glasses were spotty! No, this can’t be happening to me! Deep down I knew that it must’ve been six months since I changed my Nuvo cartridge but it just didn’t seem possible that six months had just passed. I knew it could have only been two months at most. I ran that load of dishes again; the green light went off saying they were dry. I opened the dishwasher door and pulled out the top rack….spots! There were hard water spots everywhere! I turned on my kitchen faucet; there was that familiar smell of pool water! No! Say it isn’t so! You’d better believe I went to prove that six months hadn’t passed yet and boy was I glad I didn’t call to throw a tantrum before getting my facts straight. Six months and two days had passed since my Nuvo cartridges were replaced.

    This was an emergency! Someone call Robins Plumbing! Okay, it isn’t an emergency, first client problems then mine. My clients love me, and I love them, I must, I had to wait a week before my husband could put my Nuvo cartridges in because he was out in the field 12+ hours a day. They are easy to install, and I could put them in myself, but my husband has a remodeling project going on in my garage for the last year so I can’t access my Nuvo system without the risk of dying, or of killing him for my almost dying. A week without my clean water was horrible, I sound like a total water snob now, and I am.

  4. My Nuvo Cartridge After 6 Months

    New vs. Old NuvoH2O filter Think I’m exaggerating? The proof is in the cartridge. This is my manor carbon cartridge on the right that was removed after six months. That is disgusting and was what was flowing through my plumbing before I installed my Nuvo H20 Plus taste system. This isn’t even the softening portion of the system; this is simply the cartridge that removes chlorine and other contaminants from my water. Visually seeing this made a huge impact on me and inspired me to write this blog today, from the clients perspective rather than the plumbers.
    I love the evidence that the contaminants are being removed from my water. There are a lot of systems that say that contaminants are being removed, but don’t require any maintenance…I like seeing the evidence, and the evidence is in this cartridge. All of that black yuck is being removed from my water and providing my home with clean drinkable water from every fixture.

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