Sewer Camera Inspection and Locating

What Is a Sewer Camera?

Nowadays, plumbers have a lot of awesome tools that can help them get the job done quickly and effectively. A great example of one of these tools is a sewer camera, and our technicians are readily equipped to bring them onsite to examine your plumbing issue. What exactly is this device? Well, a sewer camera is constructed out of a long fiber optic cable that has a high definition camera attached to the end. This long running cable connects to a monitor which displays what’s going on inside the line in real-time. Our technicians are able to record video and audio onto a jump drive, which we can then be delivered to our client. Combining these tools allows us to pinpoint the plumbing issue and become more educated so that we can give you the best options for you to make an informed decision.

Now you’re a bit more knowledgeable about what sewer cameras are, but when are they really needed? For starters, many people believe that having a leak in your water line automatically means a sewer camera can be used to find the source of the problem. Although this is a great idea in theory, there are a couple of reasons why we can’t make this happen. First, your domestic water system is enclosed and not easily accessible; it would have to be depressurized and cut open for us to gain the access needed to reach your water line. Secondly, you never want to put something down your line as unsanitary as a sewer camera, the two are not meant to play together!

Great, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to determine if a sewer camera inspection is right for you. Let’s find out!

When You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection

    1. Experiencing Regular Stoppages

      Very rarely are consistent stoppages in your sewer line the problem. Granted, if you have kiddos playing around that like to experiment what’s “flushable” or not, that may be your answer right there. However, chronic stoppages are normally the symptom of a larger underlying issue. This is a perfect opportunity to have a Robins Plumbing technician come out and examine your line to see what’s going on. A drain line in great condition should last you years on years while never backing up, so it’s important to find the source of the situation early on.

    2. Redoing Your Landscaping

      As you’ve most likely realized (or… will here soon), our desert landscaping is hot, dry and intense. Plants are doing their best to survive the brutal Phoenix environment, and, in return, can become major problems for our plumbing when they’re searching for water and our pipes become the target. Root intrusions are the number one obstacle our clients face when trying to maintain their plumbing, and sewer lines tend to be a popular plant preference.

      If you find yourself in the midst of redoing your landscaping and giving your yard a little TLC, then it’s incredibly important to treat your plumbing the same. You’ll want to map out where your sewer line runs and communicate with your landscape designer so they can plant everything accordingly– it would be awfully sad to witness a beautifully finished yard getting dug up because your plants have attacked your plumbing and it could have been avoided. If you’re redoing your landscaping after having the same yard for a while, or you’re new to the property, then it could be a good reminder to run a sewer camera down your line since you have to route it anyway. Feel free to schedule an appointment with the professionals at Robins Plumbing so we can help you become informed!

    3. Purchasing a New Home

      So much goes into buying a new house that it can be easy to forget about the obvious. You’ve had your roofing checked, the A/C runs great and there are no visible leaks anywhere. Perfect, you’re good-to-go! Oh wait– you forgot about underneath your home– there’s a major leak that needs repairing immediately in your basement and it becomes another added cost to the already expensive escapade of settling into your nest.

      With Robins Plumbing Realtor Program, you can confidently trust us to inspect your potential home’s sewer lines before any deals are made. We will deliver footage showing you where any issues are and give you estimates for the repairs so you can make educated choices that best suit you– hopefully, though, there’s nothing wrong and you now have peace of mind that your sewer lines are going to last for years to come!

    4. Home Remodel

      Time and time again I’ve seen the same sad story– a home remodel gets completely finished… and then has to be demolished and rebuilt all because of plumbing issues that went unnoticed but needed to be fixed. Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re in the process of remodeling your abode, then now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for a Robins Plumbing technician to come out and inspect your sewer line. Sometimes, remodeling isn’t only about the exterior, and ensuring that the veins of your house are happy and healthy means that you get to enjoy it for even longer.

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