Do we recommend whole home water filtration? You bet we do! In the Phoenix area we don’t have the luxury of clean mountain spring water going to our homes, we live in a desert, which means we have recycled and treated water coming to our faucets. You can often smell the chlorine in our tap water, and as a native to Phoenix I really hadn’t noticed until I took a trip to Oregon and the water didn’t smell like a pool coming out of the faucet. I was astonished. It tasted like clean water! Many of our clients request systems for soft water, but soft water for many of us, just simply isn’t enough to get the results many of our clients are looking for.

If I have a water softener do I till need to filter my water?

If you’re looking for cleaner water, a softener simply is not designed to produce that result. If you’re wanting to focus on healthier skin, hair and have better tasting water to your home, a softener won’t do that either. A softener can help with softer skin and hair by removing water hardnessbut you may still struggle with dry skin and hair if you’re still bathing in chlorinated water. We’ve found the best approach is to both soften your water and filter your water for a better result. By filtering out contaminants like chlorine your familywill be able to enjoy healthier spring-like water at every tap in your home. Many of our clients notice softer hair, softer skin, better tasting coffee and better cooking results by using filtered and softened water.

Is a water filtration system the same as a Reverse Osmosis?

If your only goal is to have water that tastes like bottled water, a whole home water filtration system will not do that for you. A reverse osmosis system is for point of use only and is not designed for your entire home. We aresometimes asked if a reverse osmosis can be modified to be installed on the entire home and the answer is simply no, the process of reverse osmosis is low pressure and can only be installed at a single source. Whole home filtration will however dramatically improve the taste of your water at all of your faucets simply by removing the chemicals that are in our water. I personally have both a whole home water filtration unit and a reverse osmosis unit at my kitchen sink because I truly enjoy the taste of reverse osmosis water and I absolutely love the money savings and convenience of having bottled water right at my kitchen sink without disposing of a million plastic water bottles over my lifespan.

Are whole home filtration systems easy to install?

Oh this question gets me right in the frustration button. Marketing teams for water treatment and softening products often tout that they are “easy” to install. I recently sat across from one of these representatives to discuss the false advertising of this statement and even they did not know how to install one and after attempting it themselves had to call a plumbing professional in their area to install the unit because he was about to soften and filter only half of his home because he did not know that he needed a water softener loop and did not know he didn’t have one.
If you already have a water softener loop and you are an incredibly handy person, a DIY installation of most units on the market is a possibility but if you don’t have a softener loop and you don’t already own all of the tools required to do the project it is better to hire a licensed professional to install the water filtration or water softener unit. Water softener loops, if not done correctly will only soften and filter water to portions of your home rather than the entire thing.

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