1. When to Have a Sewer Camera Inspection

    Sewer Camera Inspection and Locating What Is a Sewer Camera? Nowadays, plumbers have a lot of awesome tools that can help them get the job done quickly and effectively. A great example of one of these tools is a sewer camera, and our technicians are readily equipped to bring them onsite to examine y…Read More

  2. A checkered black-and-white sink with water spraying into it

    Common Causes of a Clogged Drain

    Most of us have been in this scenario before: you step into the shower in the morning, looking forward to that first act of cleanliness in the day. Before you know it, you look down to see that you’re standing ankle-deep in dirty water. It’s a clogged drain! What could have done it? Fortunately,…Read More

  3. Cover photo for our Realtor Program

    Phoenix Sewer Camera Inspections for Real Estate Home Inspections

    Purchasing a Home in Phoenix? Buying a home in Phoenix? Phoenix has a booming real estate market and (for good reason) Phoenix is an amazing place to live. For nine months out of the year, we have incredible heavenly weather that we pay for with the price of surviving hell for three months. Those o…Read More

  4. Cover image of roots in a pipe for blog "Root Intrusions AKA the Super Villain"

    Root Intrusions of Sewer Line AKA the Super Villain

    Root Intrusions In Sewer Line Drain Cleaning Have you ever looked at a big beautiful tree and admired it? I know I have, but do you know what else I see when I look at a large tree? I see an evil super-villain lurking in the dark. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic but work with me here, I’m tryi…Read More

  5. Inside of a sewer line for blog "Buying a Home? Inspect Your Sewer Line!"

    Buying A Home? Inspect Your Sewer Line!

    aria-level="1">Home Sewer Line Inspection The Phoenix area real estate market is booming. Houses are selling faster than they can hit the market. What you don’t know though can cost you – thousands and thousands of dollars! Home inspections are important but home inspectors can only see the s…Read More