1. Flooded living/dining room in home for blog "Flood Damage Repair Costs"

    Flood Damage Repair Costs

    What Could a Flood Cost You? Preventing a flood could save you big money! No one plans for a flood, in fact when we are planning for the future we plan for wonderful things to happen, vacations and the like. We don’t plan for plumbing problems, we don’t plan for water heaters to burst while we a…Read More

  2. Person lifting a plug out of a sink drain with water running for blog "Dropped Something Down the Drain"

    Dropped Something Down the Drain

    Down the Drain? What do you do when you or someone in your home has dropped something down the drain? You name it, it has gone down a drain, and we’ve been called to go and retrieve it or push it through.  What it what went down the drain is important to you?  We’ve been called countless times…Read More

  3. 2 jars in the background with hardened coconut oil, a wooden spoon with harden coconut oil resting on one jar, and a coconut split in half for blog "Coconut Oil and Plumbing"

    Coconut Oil and Plumbing

    What the Health Blogs Don't Tell You Coconut oil is all the rave right now. You can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing an article luring you to check into the health benefits of coconut oil. Coconut oil isn’t just for the kitchen anymore, we are seeing it used more and more in bathrooms a…Read More

  4. Garbage disposal under kitchen sink - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Avoid Putting These Items Down Your Disposal

    Almost every single one of us has been guilty of jamming the disposal, and there doesn’t ever seem to be a convenient time to have your kitchen sink backed up, but have you ever noticed that it almost always seems to happen on a Holiday or right before a big party you’re hosting? Here are some t…Read More