1. Insta Hot Hot Water For Kitchen

    Instant Hot Water

    How to Get Instant Hot Water at Your Kitchen Sink Do you ever wish you had instant clean hot water at your fingertips whenever you wanted? That cup of tea, that cup of cocoa, a cup of soup. Many of us during the winter months enjoy having hot beverages but warming up the water on the stove can be …Read More

  2. Two pitchers of water, one with lemons and one with cucumbers as cover photo for blog "Hard Water Spots and How I Stopped Them"

    Hard Water Spots and How I Stopped Them

    How I Stopped Hard Water Sports It is no secret that in the Phoenix area hard water is a serious problem. We don’t usually think about hard water until we see those horrible hard water spots on our dishes and shower doors. I don’t know about you, but I hate hand washing my glasses just to hav…Read More

  3. How I Chose My Kitchen Faucet

    FAUCET FEATURES I recently found myself in need of a new kitchen faucet. The sprayer hose on my old faucet had a bubble in it that we were fortunate to find during our annual plumbing home inspection, preventing a huge flood. I never look under my sink and inspect my faucet so I had no idea tha…Read More

  4. Plunger in a toilet for blog and video "Are You Plunging Your Toilet?"

    Are You Plunging Your Toilet?

    How Often Do You Have to Plunge Your Toilet? I bet you hate when your toilet backs up. I bet you hate getting out the plunger and having to face the dirty job of finishing what your toilet couldn’t. How often do you have to get out the plunger and clear your toilet? Plunging your toilet is a nasty…Read More

  5. Carved pumpkin "throwing up" the insides on a toilet (sick pumpkin) for blog "Pumpkin Seeds"

    Pumpkin Seeds

    What to Do With Raw Pumpkin Seeds/Guts? It’s that time of year – when we destroy our kitchens to make our kids happy.  Carving pumpkins is a family tradition for a lot of our clients and while those Jack-O-Lanterns are creepy Halloween fun they can have you screaming from more than just fright …Read More

  6. Inside of a sewer line for blog "Buying a Home? Inspect Your Sewer Line!"

    Buying A Home? Inspect Your Sewer Line!

    aria-level="1">Home Sewer Line Inspection The Phoenix area real estate market is booming. Houses are selling faster than they can hit the market. What you don’t know though can cost you – thousands and thousands of dollars! Home inspections are important but home inspectors can only see the s…Read More

  7. 8 Robins Plumbing vehicles lined up in a row

    Lime Green Van With the Big Red Bird

    Lime Green Van With the Big Red Bird It’s a bird, it’s a – yep, it’s a bird, a big red bird on a bright green box van!  We have become known for our lime green vans with the big red bird, and that is often what people associate with us first.  It is so fun getting calls asking “Are you t…Read More

  8. Water heater for blog "Repair or Replace Your Water Heater"

    Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?

    When Is it Smart to Repair Your Water Heater? Is It a Waste of Money? We respond to no hot water calls in the Phoenix area every day. Water heaters are one of those things we just don’t think about until they don’t work. Whether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater, parts are …Read More

  9. 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

    Robins Plumbing Provides 24 Hour Emergency Services What sets robins plumbing apart during a plumbing emergency? There is no such thing as a good time to have a plumbing problem. It is never convenient to have a plumbing stoppage, a water heater leaking or to have a leak that is flooding your house…Read More

  10. Phoenix Plumbing Robins Plumbing, Inc

    A Company Built on Values

    Growth When Robins Plumbing, Inc started in 2004 it wasn’t because there was a need for more plumbing companies in the world, it was because there was a need for more TRUSTWORTHY companies in the world. In 2004 we found ourselves leaving a dishonest company because we could no longer work for som…Read More