1. Many copper pipes grouped together

    Copper Pipe Plumbing

    Copper Pipe Plumbing Think you know about copper pipe?  Let’s see! Copper pipe has been around since the dawn of plumbing, well not quite, aqua ducts came first, then galvanized pipe was used for domestic water lines from the late 1800’s till around 1960 and that is when copper pipe took over.…Read More

  2. Rooftop Drain cleanout for blog "Rooftop Drain Cleaning"

    Rooftop Drain Cleaning

    More and More Companies Aren't Offering Rooftop Drain Cleans! I recently wrote a blog about ground level cleanouts, what they are and why you should have them. What if you don’t? What if your line is backed up and you can’t use your sewer and you discover you don’t have ground level cleanouts?…Read More

  3. New NuvoH2O filter for blog "Why Choose Nuvo Water Softeners"

    Why Choose Nuvo Water Softeners

    As Licensed Plumbers, We Have Access to All Softeners | Why Do We Choose Nuvo? Both personally and professionally we have chosen Nuvo H2O as our primary water softening system, but why? We have access to every model water softener on the market, why did we choose Nuvo Water Softeners and Nuvo H20 fo…Read More

  4. Illustration of the difference between a gas and electric water heater for blog "Leaking Water Heater"

    Leaking Water Heater

    What to Do Immediately When Your Water Heater Starts Leaking? No one has invented a water heater yet that doesn’t eventually leak, in fact the only way to prevent a leaking water heater is to replace it before it starts leaking. We don’t plan for our water heaters to leak but we can plan to kno…Read More

  5. Summer Plumbing Tips

    Quarterly Plumbing Inspections Save Big Money School’s out for summer Now I have that song stuck in my head! As school let’s out for summer, I know the last thing on your mind is the condition of your plumbing, I know it wasn’t for me as my child was released for summer vacation. All I was thi…Read More

  6. American flag with text Police, Fire, Military Discounts

    Plumbing Discount for Military, Police and Fire

    Military/Police/Fire Discount – Hero Discount The team of Robins Plumbing honors our military both past and present as well as our police and fire departments. We recognize that without the brave and committed soldiers of our armed forces and those that serve in civil service we wouldn’t be abl…Read More

  7. P-trap for blog "Hardware Store No-nos"

    Hardware Store No-No’s

    Just because the hardware store sells it doesn’t mean it should be used... Hardware stores certainly have their place for those do-it yourself folks, I get it, I am a do-it yourselfer too – but just because it is sold at the hardware store doesn’t mean you should use it or that it is even up t…Read More

  8. Two ground Cleanouts for blog "Plumbing Cleanouts Phoenix"

    Plumbing Cleanouts Phoenix

    What Are Cleanouts? If you have a stoppage the first thing the plumber is going to look for are cleanouts, but what are cleanouts? Unlike your water lines, your sewer system is not sealed, in fact if it was sealed it wouldn’t work, your drain system has access points to allow air flow and access p…Read More

  9. Magnet card for Loyalty Program Members for blog "Loyalty and Referral Program"

    Loyalty and Referral Program

    Plumbing Loyalty and Referral Program Our Loyalty/referral program is aimed to save clients’ money on plumbing repairs! Have you ever noticed how many companies offer discounts, promotions or savings for new customers but don’t offer any kind of reward for remaining a loyal customer? I have, an…Read More

  10. Urinals and stalls in commercial setting for blog "Commercial Emergency Plumbers"

    Commercial Emergency Plumbers

    Robins Plumbing Saves the day Today’s blog is inspired by an emergency plumbing project that quickly reminded me of what my team does best, they pull together to make miracles happen.A longstanding commercial property management company called after 7 pm with an emergency; someone had a car accide…Read More