Plumbing tech about to use a blow bag on someone's plumbing for blog "Don’t Allow Blow Bags in Your Home"

Don’t Allow Blow Bags in Your Home

Plumbing tech about to use a blow bag on someone's plumbingDo blow bags work to clear your drain?

What a mess!

The associate at the hardware stores sees you on the plumbing aisle and asks how they can help.  You explain that you have a stoppage at your kitchen sink. Of course the associate wants to help anyway they can and decides to show you a device called a blow bag. The device is affordable and seems simple enough so you decide to buy it and give it a go. Armed and ready with your new tool you are at your kitchen sink, you follow the instructions and you’re ready to go. The next thing you know there is water coming off the roof and then rushing back at you from underneath your sink and covering you with dirty dishwater, (if you’re lucky)

Trust the professionals, always!

Even the professionals rarely use a blow bag and here is why. Blow bags attach to your hose, the water goes into your drain line and if the water pressure isn’t strong enough it doesn’t push through the stoppage but rather builds up and goes through your vent and onto the roof.  If you have old pipes the water pressure can break through weak spots in your drain line.  The really fun part is when all of that built up water in the vent floods down on you and all over your kitchen because gravity will always win.

We recommend leaving drain cleaning to the professionals, it is a skill and an art.  You’re great at what you do for a living and so are we.  Avoid a flood and a huge mess and call us to take care of your drain clean worry free.