Lime Green Van With The Big Red Bird

It’s a bird, it’s a – yep, it’s a bird, a big red bird on a bright green box van!  We have become known for our lime green vans with the big red bird, and that is often what people associate with us first.  It is so fun getting calls asking “Are you the company with the big green vans with the bird on the side?  I see your vans everywhere!”  

When we started Robins Plumbing, Inc in 2004 we had some big decisions to make, not just the name of our company but the look.  We knew how we wanted to do business and now we had to decide how we would best market ourselves affordably while branding our image and name.  

The lime green – We call this green Robins Plumbing Green and this green represents energy to us.  This green is energetic, bright and eye catching.  The walls in our office are even Robins Plumbing green to bring zest and energy to the environment we work in each day. 

The big red robin – We wanted a character that reflected a little about who we are.  A robin seemed like a no-brainer considering the name Robins Plumbing but rather than a traditional colored robin we wanted something more eye catching and fun that also showed our love for the Arizona Cardinals.   

Box vans – We chose to drive large box vans rather than panel vans for several reasons, mostly the convenience of our clients.  There are few things clients value more than their time, and no one wants a plumber at their house all day because they had to make multiple trips for parts or for someone to come with specialty equipment.  Our large box vans may seem heavy on fuel use but we actually use dramatically less fuel than using a traditional panel van because we are a shop on wheels and rarely need to run for parts or equipment.  

Robins Plumbing, Inc – Our company name is simple, it is the last name of the owners and while we could have chosen many names that were catchier we chose our last name because we are signing our name to the work we perform.  When you sign something you’re committed, and that is who we are, committed to the satisfaction of our clients and to our reputation. 

Mini-Me – We also have little Scion’s that are lettered like the vans, and these vehicles don’t require tools or heavy equipment.  These little cars that look a lot like miniature box vans – so we call them Mini Me 1.0 and Mini Me 2.0.  These vehicles are used for estimates, errands, backflow testing, permits and pretty much anything that doesn’t require a shop on wheels. 

The next time you see us driving through your neighborhood and you see that big green van with the big red bird you’ll know what they mean to us and a little bit more about who we are.  We are Robins Plumbing, Finally a Plumber YOU Can Trust 24 Hours a Day.