are you plunging your toilet?     

if you don’t want to plunge your toilet anymore, read on.

The first thing I think when I see a toilet plunger next to the toilet is, “I’m glad that’s not me.” Then I think, “I can fix that!” Toilet plunging does not have to be a part of your life; it isn’t normal, and it’s downright nasty.  I bet you hate when your toilet backs up.  I bet you hate getting out the plunger and having to face the dirty job of finishing what your toilet couldn’t.  How often do you have to get out the plunger and clear your toilet?  Plunging your toilet is a nasty job, and no one wants to do it!

Plunging your toilet does not have to be a regular part of your life 

Plungers became more of a household item when toilets were required to drop from 3 gallons per flush to 1.6 gallons to meet water conservation efforts.  Manufacturers struggled to get a great flush with half of the water, so plunging became a normal thing for most households. I remember when this switch happened, and people would do everything in their power to fix their old toilets so they wouldn’t have to convert to a new water-saving model because they were so notorious for having chronic stoppages.  Flushing the same amount of waste with 1.6 gallons of water or less proved to be a challenge for water closet manufacturers and their engineers, but not anymore.  The power of toilets today as opposed to five years ago is incredible and so worth the investment to upgrade.  Engineers have mastered the p-trap on water closets as well as the mechanisms inside the tank creating an amazing flush with a fraction of the water.  Imagine… more plunging!  

If you’re plunging your toilet, something is wrong.  

That’s right plunging your toilet is a sign that you need a toilet upgrade. If you can’t flush your toilet with confidence that it won’t overflow, that it won’t rise to the top of the bowl while you panic to grab the plunger – or you dread having company over because they might ask to use your restroom.  It is time to stop living life in fear and say “Not anymore!” 

A Great toilet won’t cost you a fortune

A new quality toilet with a great flush has an average lifespan of 25 years in the Phoenix area depending on your water hardness.  When you break down the lifetime of the toilet, it means that it will cost you about $25.00 per year to have an upgraded toilet that you don’t have to plunge and worry about anymore.  I’m sure we can both agree that we happily hand over $25.00 a year for a quality toilet that flushes like a champion.  

We can help you choose the right toilet for your home or business

We have many options when it comes to choosing a new toilet for your home, ensuring the porcelain throne you choose will have you sending your plunger out to a hidden corner in the garage instead of next to your toilet bowl.  We are here to help you navigate through the choices and choose the right one for your home, including easy to clean options, dual flush, and esthetics.