Backflow can be a major problem for everyone.

Backflow Prevention devices are seen everywhere in Phoenix, in fact, they are on every commercial property as a city requirement. Backflow Prevention devices are required on commercial properties to prevent the backflow of water back into the city system. Without these devices our city water system would be contaminated with pesticides, landscaping chemicals, and even carbonation. Backflows are installed on irrigation lines, domestic water lines and even soda machines in restaurants.

Backflow Prevention devices are monitored closely, each year the city water department requires that these Backflow Prevention Assemblies are tested to ensure that they are functioning properly. Without this annual certification the city municipal will shut the water down to the building to ensure that there is no backflow from the property contaminating the city water system.

There are special requirements and certifications for those companies and individuals that test and certify backflows as well as install them. Each person that tests backflows has to undergo intense training to become a certified backflow assembly tester, this certification is only good for three years, then the tester has to retest to confirm they have adequate knowledge to test and certify these backflow preventers. The equipment required to test backflows is also closely monitored, backflow test gauges are required to be calibrated and certified on an annual basis.

Backflow requirements can seem extreme, but it is with good cause. If a backflow assembly fails and allows contaminates back into the city potable water system it can mean illness or even death. It can feel inconvenient getting the notification annually that it is time to pay for your backflow certification, know that it is truly for the greater good.

In 1990 a faulty system and human error caused drinking water and antifreeze to mix in a Colorado school. This occurrence sent 8 students to the hospital and forced more than 300 students to evacuate. Stories like this can be found with a quick internet search and were the catalyst to the strict but necessary guidelines and expense of backflow prevention devices and inspection.

Robins Plumbing, Inc. performs backflow tests in all the major cities here in Maricopa County including Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Surprise, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert. We take pride in being a part of the backflow testing community that helps to prevent the contamination of our city drinking water and keeping families, like yours safe. Whether you’re looking to have your backflow certified for its annual inspections, repaired because it is leaking or failed inspection or replaced because you need one newly installed or your backflow was stolen you can count on the team at Robins Plumbing, Inc. to handle your backflow issues with confidence and integrity.