Performing a smoke test to check for a leak in your sewer and vent system is a process in which our plumbers pump smoke into your sewer and vent system with a specialized smoke machine and look for smoke to appear. This allows them to hone in on where any problems may be. It may sound simple but it is a little more complicated than it may sound.

 First things first. Our plumber may have to go through the home and cap off any lines that will not hold up to the pressure of the smoke machine.The specialized smoke machine is designed to have low pressure to prevent any seals on the system from breaking but still requires enough pressure to push smoke through the system fast enough to see it. 

Once set up, we can now get to pumping the smoke throughout the sewer and vent system. The Plumber Must Also have the experience and skill to determine how many vents there are going through the roof and possibly restrict some of them. We also must consider the best location to set up our smoke machine to push the smoke throughout the system to yield the best results.Once set up, we can now get to pumping the smoke throughout the sewer and vent system. After letting the system fill, we will systematically go through the house wherever plumbing is present and look for any smoke to appear. After diligently checking for all possible areas for any smoke to appear we will make our recommendations on how to move forward. Recommendations from our plumber will vary from lifting and resetting a toilet to opening a wall to look for a cracked vent. We have even found that someone inadvertently put a screw through a sewer vent hanging a picture and then removed the picture and screw leaving a hole in the vent allowing sewer gases to escape.The diagnostic process, once complete will allow our plumbing technician to advise you on best steps moving forward to eliminate the sewer odor or sewer gas issue in your home or business.

Something else a professional plumber must consider safety! Unfortunately, the smoke can be quite irritating, and harmful to those with pre-existing lung conditions.For that reason, Robins Plumbing requests that our clients vacate the premises during the smoke test. We strongly recommend staying out of the areas that were affected by the smoke as well for at least a couple of hours. Pets will need to be relocated temporarily to prevent harming them as well. Of course, we welcome you to be present outside so we can show you any issues we find, but you don’t want to stay in the building until the smoke dissipates.