1. Marathon Electric Water Heaters – Limited Warranty

    EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY – LIMITATION OF LIABILITY This Limited Warranty is the only Warranty for this unit given by Rheem Sales Co. Inc., a subsidiary of Rheem Manufacturing Company. No one is authorized to make any other warranties on our behalf. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY, OR F…Read More

  2. Common Plumbing Problems and how to prevent them

    We are all guilty of taking our plumbing for granted, as long as it is working. I get it, I don’t give my plumbing a second thought unless there is a problem, and I know better! This is the very reason I set up a reminder for myself and our clients that automatically send an email quarterly and an…Read More

  3. CPVC Pipe

    What is CPVC pipe? What is the difference between CPVC and PVC pipe? How long will CPVC last? Ask any local Phoenix plumber what CPVC pipe is and they will curse the name. We joke around here that we don’t speak loudly in front of CPVC, only in whispers and before making any repair to CPVC we say …Read More

  4. Orangeburg Pipe

    What is Orangeburg Pipe? Should you replace Orangeburg Pipe? Can Orangeburg pipe be replaced with Trenchless technology? What is Orangeburg Pipe? As a modern plumber who is spoiled with the constant advancements of technology I frown upon Orangeburg pipe, but the creative and resourceful person insi…Read More

  5. Our Top 4 Garbage Disposal Recommendations

    Good, better, best, and epic garbage disposal choices Disposals don’t have to be overcomplicated but choosing the right one amid all the advertisements can be daunting. We’ve simplified the hunt to 4 options based on price range, warranty, and usage needs. We are recommending one specific brand,…Read More

  6. Whole Home Water Filtration

    Do we recommend whole home water filtration? You bet we do! In the Phoenix area we don’t have the luxury of clean mountain spring water going to our homes, we live in a desert, which means we have recycled and treated water coming to our faucets. You can often smell the chlorine in our tap water, …Read More

  7. How to identify a cheap bathroom remodel

    We’re all about that Base – Toilet Bases that is  An often-overlooked aspect of a toilet is the base of the toilet also known as the Footprint of the toilet. The footprint is the physical outline of the bottom of the toilet that rests on the floor.  The footprint of your toilet can be importan…Read More

  8. Is a Nuvo H2O a Water Softener or a Water Conditioner?

    If you’re looking for a solution to hard water in your Phoenix home you may have discovered that there is a ton of information online about water softeners and water treatment systems. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different products on the market for softening your water and for conditi…Read More