Your Property Can’t Be Left Without Working Drain Lines

What is jetting?

Jetting is a technical term for a specialized drain cleaning service that is designed to remove built-up debris from the inside of your plumbing drain lines, such as grease. Jetting services are specifically designed not only to clear up a stoppage temporarily with a cable, but to wash away the cause of the stoppage if it is determined to be from the buildup of grease, food waste, sludge and other soft materials such as soap residue. 

There are two different types of jetting services based on specialized equipment and needs including residential jetting services and commercial jetting services. Residential jetting services require much smaller equipment and that equipment is either gas-powered or electric. Robins Plumbing’s residential jetting equipment is electric to reduce the smell and noise used in residential homes. Gas equipment tends to be incredibly loud and puts off a lot of exhaust eliminating its use inside homes and small offices which is sometimes the only access point to run the equipment through the line.

Residential Jetting equipment is compact in size and is specifically designed to run at specific PSI (Pound-Force per Square Inch) that is safe for residential plumbing drain systems. This specialized equipment runs pressurized water through the drain system washing off the sides of the interior of the sewer system removing the buildup of grease, sludge, food waste, and other soft materials like soap residue.

Commercial Jetting equipment is usually the size of a compact car on a tow-behind trailer. This equipment is much larger in size to accommodate the large PSI required to clean and flush the grease and debris from larger lines like condominium complexes, apartment complexes, strip malls and commercial properties. A residential line is typically 2”-4” in diameter, while a commercial project can easily double those diameters more often running in 6” and 8” sewer lines that feed multiple units and buildings.

Do you Need Jetting Services?

Drain stoppages are all too common for some homes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Frequent stoppages are often a sign that there is an underlying problem within your drain and sewer lines. Sometimes that problem is simply buildup of grease, sludge and debris on the walls of your pipe making for a sticky surface as well as decreased diameter for materials to pass through. Grease and sludge can build up on the insides of your plumbing, similar to build up inside your arteries, and effects the health of your sewer system.

A cable alone cannot clear grease and sludge off of the walls of your sewer and drain lines. That is where jetting comes in. Jetting your sewer and drain lines is similar to pressure washing- high pressured water with specific pressure and nozzles washes the grease and sludge build up off of the walls of your drain and sewer lines improving the condition of your sewer line and eliminating stoppages caused by grease and sludge build up.

If you’re experiencing stoppages more than once every two years, it is likely that your plumbing could use a health checkup and cleaning. We can run a sewer camera down your line to inspect the quality of your plumbing and advise if a jetting service is the answer to your chronic stoppages. As part of our jetting service, we also run the sewer camera inspection after the jetting has been performed to ensure that your line is clean and without any other problems.


When a commercial property has backed up drains, oftentimes that property has to close down for business, and when that happens that company is not able to produce an income and could be losing clients in the process. At Robins Plumbing, Inc we can handle all of your commercial drain issues and will make your company a top priority. Whether you are a restaurant with a backed up floor drain or a condominium complex with hundreds of units backed up, we can handle your drain issue with expedited service and get you back up and running again.

Properly maintaining your commercial lines over time is also incredibly important to assist with sludge and grease that build up in lines over time. This is a recipe for disaster. High pressure jetting can clean the walls of your pipe allowing them to perform like new again, helping to ensure that you don’t have an emergency stoppage due to build up inside your drain lines. Call Robins Plumbing, Inc. today to schedule your commercial jetting services.

Robins Plumbing, Inc in Phoenix specializes in commercial and residential jetting services. If your drains are backed up, it’s important to call a professional plumbing company right away to inspect the issue. In addition to our jetting services, we also offer a variety of plumbing services to residents and business owners. We offer drain cleaning, backflow prevention, faucet repair and replacement, water treatment, slab leak locating and repair, and more. We also offer a loyalty program to pass on amazing savings and benefits with our loyal customers. If you have any questions about our Phoenix plumbing company or you would like to learn more about our plumbing services, contact our team today.