Do you have a high water bill? Do you feel a hot spot on your floor?

Sometimes a high water bill can be an indicator of a leak below ground also known in the plumbing profession as a slab leak. Slab leaks are often on the hot water line under the slab because over time as the pipe expands and contracts it creates friction against the pipe and if there is a spot in the underground soil that isn’t smooth it will wear a hole in the pipe over time creating a leak below the slab.

We offer state of the art slab leak locating to ensure that your leak is properly diagnosed and located. Slab leaks aren’t always immediately noticeable. Often times the only indicator that you have a slab leak is that your water bill gets higher and higher. Slab leaks are not something you want to ignore, over time they can create a large cavity under your home that can cause major problems. Schedule a technician right away to come out and diagnose, locate and repair your slab leak today.

Another option that the technician will educate our clients on is to reroute the water line to run overhead instead of underground to eliminate damage to the flooring and to prevent secondary leaks in the future. You can trust Robins Plumbing, Inc. to take care of your slab leak and educate you so that you can make an informed decision moving forward.

If you need slab leak locating and repair in Phoenix, contact the experienced plumbing staff at Robins Plumbing, Inc today. As a premier plumbing company that specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing services, we’re confident we can diagnose and treat any plumbing problems you may be facing. We offer a variety of professional plumbing services including water heater repair and replacement, drain cleaning, backflow prevention, faucet repair and replacement, commercial and residential jetting services, restoration and flood cleanup, and water treatment services. If you’re interested in learning more about our plumbing company or you’re ready to schedule a free estimate, contact our professionals in Phoenix today.