Disposals don’t have to be overcomplicated but choosing the right one amid all the advertisements can be daunting. We’ve simplified the hunt to 4 options based on price range, warranty, and usage needs. We are recommending one specific brand, based simply on our experience over the last 23 years with Insinkerator. They have an epic warranty compared to other garbage disposal brands and they build a quality product. Our recommendation is not endorsed in any way, our recommendations are always important to us and cannot be purchased, they are earned through building a quality product. Please note that I do not include anything less than “good” in my recommendations below, there are disposals that are cheaper or with less horsepower, but I feel I would be doing you a disservice by mentioning anything less than a good product. Cheap is often very expensive in the long run with the expense of having to replace something twice. If you’re interested to learn all of the reasons we love the Insinkerator brand disposals you can check out our blog and video here.