1. Electric Tankless Water Heater What you need to know.

      For over 20 years clients like you have been asking me if they should convert their electric tank-style water heater to a tankless version and I have been telling them no!  I recommended that clients not convert to a tankless water heater unless they have a gas water heater.  Electric tankless …Read More

  2. Solar Water Heaters in Phoenix

    Solar water heaters make sense in Phoenix with all of the sun, right?   Many of us are trying to think green.  We are mindful of recycling, we are mindful of turning the lights off when we are not using them and we try to turn the faucet off while we are brushing our teeth.  We get the concep…Read More

  3. Tips to Extend the Life of your Water Heater

    ADD LIFE TO YOUR WATER HEATER I’m so excited to share some tips with you today that could extend the lifespan of your water.  Just like a car engine that is maintained regularly will last years longer than a car that is neglected, your water heater needs love and maintenance too.  Now I don’t …Read More