1. Water heater for blog "Repair or Replace Your Water Heater"

    Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?

    When Is it Smart to Repair Your Water Heater? Is It a Waste of Money? We respond to no hot water calls in the Phoenix area every day. Water heaters are one of those things we just don’t think about until they don’t work. Whether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater, parts are …Read More

  2. New NuvoH2O filter for blog "Why Choose Nuvo Water Softeners"

    Why Choose Nuvo Water Softeners

    As Licensed Plumbers, We Have Access to All Softeners | Why Do We Choose Nuvo? Both personally and professionally we have chosen Nuvo H2O as our primary water softening system, but why? We have access to every model water softener on the market, why did we choose Nuvo Water Softeners and Nuvo H20 fo…Read More

  3. Illustration of the difference between a gas and electric water heater for blog "Leaking Water Heater"

    Leaking Water Heater

    What to Do Immediately When Your Water Heater Starts Leaking? No one has invented a water heater yet that doesn’t eventually leak, in fact the only way to prevent a leaking water heater is to replace it before it starts leaking. We don’t plan for our water heaters to leak but we can plan to kno…Read More

  4. Water heater in small space for blog "Water Heater Dimensions"

    Water Heater Dimensions

    Water Heaters Are Growing We are noticing more and more that water heaters just don’t fit anymore. Clients with water heaters inside closets and 3 walled cubby holes are discovering that the same gallon capacity that they currently have doesn’t fit anymore. Water heaters have undergone quite the…Read More

  5. A white water heater in small space for blog "Mobile Home Water Heater"

    Mobile Home Water Heater

    Can You Use a Regular Water Heater in a Mobile Home? We are frequently asked, and often too late, if a standard tank style water heater can be installed in a mobile home aka manufactured home. The short answer is... No. Manufactured homes have very specific requirements for code compliance on water …Read More

  6. Plumbing technician by a Water Heater Pan to avoid plumbing damages for blog "Avoid a Costly Flood With a Water Heater Pan"

    Avoid a Costly Flood With a Water Heater Pan

    Water Heater Pans: Avoid a Costly Flood! It is our company philosophy to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions about the plumbing in their homes, with that being said, today I would like to educate you on the importance of a water heater pan and what it means to your home to h…Read More

  7. Water Heater with warranty sticker on the front of it for blog "Water Heater Warranty"

    Water Heater Warranty

    Is Your Water Heater Covered Under Warranty? No one looks forward to the day their water heater decides to start leaking. It happens to all of us eventually but what you may not know can cost you. If your heater is leaking from the tank it is NOT repairable. Once the inside glass lining of the tan…Read More