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    8 Questions to Ask If You Need a Home Repipe

    Is it time for a repipe in your home? Repiping your home can sometimes be the best and only solution to your plumbing leak.  A full home repipe can seem like a daunting task, and while it can be disruptive to your relaxing home life, it doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. Trusting a repipi…Read More

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    Polybutylene Piping

    Polybutylene Isn't Just Hard to Spell... Have you ever heard of polybutylene piping? It is unlikely unless you have recently gone to purchase or sell a home and discovered with a home inspection that the home had polybutylene pipe. If you have a home that has this piping, or are considering purchasi…Read More

  3. Many copper pipes grouped together

    Copper Pipe Plumbing

    Copper Pipe Plumbing Think you know about copper pipe?  Let’s see! Copper pipe has been around since the dawn of plumbing, well not quite, aqua ducts came first, then galvanized pipe was used for domestic water lines from the late 1800’s till around 1960 and that is when copper pipe took over.…Read More

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    Home Repiping in Ahwatukee

    Home Repiping in Ahwatukee Poly piping is still a problem in the Ahwatukee area causing many home owners to need repiping done. Polybutylene pipe, though illegal in the United States for two decades is still an issue in the Phoenix area, especially in the gorgeous area of the Ahwatukee Foothills. W…Read More