Dispatch/Customer Service

Organizing and directing Our Family to give the best customer service experience possible!

Be on the front line!

As Dispatch, it is your job to meet the customers first. Directing our team of plumbers is a critical position in Our Family. This role is key in keeping the team aware of the next opportunity to help our customers with their plumbing needs.

Now is the Time

We are looking to grow Our Family to include leaders that can help us to meet customer needs with the services that we provide them. We are looking for these people right now and you could be the right fit! Apply today and take the first steps to joining The Robins Plumbing Family.

Great Income

Our Dispatch and Customer service team is representative of Our Family. Such a crucial role is one that we make sure compensated accordingly! Being a dependable member of our Family allows us to be a better team that you can then depend on.

Become a Hero!

The dispatch team is the first to get the call of a client in distress, and it is tough! Our Dispatchers speak with people who are in a crisis and it is their job to assure them that help is on the way. A dispatcher’s speed and planning connect the client to our team of plumbers. This is an essential role in our team, could it be your role?

Team Work

Learn in a fun team environment where everyone supports your success! Our team is here for you and we encourage your success while providing a fun and safe atmosphere for you to sharpen your skills.

Great Pay

Skilled Dispatchers have the ability to make great incomes. Organization and efficiency can open the doors to success. The value that you bring to our team is passed on to our clients.

In Demand

Our Dispatch team is looking for more members right now! Have experience in this expertise? Help our company to grow in this area by bringing your Dispatch skills to our team.

Winning Team

Begin your career with a winning team. Robins Plumbing values our team and our clients and it shows in everything we do! We have growth and management opportunities available to those that are willing to put the work in to become great.

Fun Environment

Does a fun team environment sound exciting to you? Our company prides itself on one of our values being fun. From jokes to fun meetings and even team outings that range from champagne brunch, miniature golf, family oriented bbq’s and the shooting range.


Above and beyond the benefits of having a great income, a career and a community that supports you, Robins Plumbing offers other benefits as well. Some of the benefits offered to our team members; health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, short-term disability insurance and a financial planner.

Is Excellent Customer Service the Career for you? Let’s find out!

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