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Grease Does Not Belong in Your Plumbing

We clear grease stoppages daily on both residential and commercial properties and this is a stoppage that can be easily prevented. At the time, it may seem convenient to put grease down your kitchen line after cooking up a batch of bacon or frying something for your family, but I promise, that convenience today will cost you in the future.

There are some myths out there about grease, one of which is that you can safely put it down your kitchen drain if it’s run with hot water behind it. This fable simply isn’t true and here’s why: all hot water does is keep the grease warmer for a longer period of time which allows it to travel further and further down your line. Rather than the grease staying in just your kitchen line underneath the sink, the hot water helps it to quickly spread through the kitchen branch line running in your wall, under the ground and can even carry it out to your main sewer line. There is no acceptable or safe way to put grease down your line. Many of the homes in the Phoenix area have kitchen sink and washing machine lines that are tied in together, which now means we’re combining grease, food debris, lint, fabric softeners and soaps altogether… what a mess!

Condo or Apartment Locations

Some people that live in a condominium or apartment complex may think it isn’t their problem and put grease down their kitchen line. Let me break this down- this is everyone’s problem. Our community is depending on each and every one of us to do our part and not abuse the plumbing system. If you live in this type of community and you’ve experienced a building stoppage, then you know firsthand how quickly someone mistreating the line can become your problem as well. Grease stoppages in communities are a big problem and are more than an inconvenience to you. Flood damage and the inability to use your plumbing are just a couple of the inconveniences caused by those individuals that don’t try to do their part. Ultimately, these communities have to pay for the plumbing stoppage and those expenses are turned into higher rent or even increased HOA fees. When communities have to spend their budget on unnecessary repairs, this also limits their ability to make improvements on the property with the budget. Many of the stoppages that we clear within communities are caused by the occupants that live there by pouring grease down the line, in addition to flushing paper towels, wipes, and feminine products. Doing our part by taking care of our own plumbing can be a key factor in increasing the functionality and beauty of the communities that we live in.

Uses for Bacon Grease!

Bacon grease is a very popular type of oil that is often dumped right down the kitchen sink, but there are so many better uses for it. Grease is easily separated and stored by using grease separators that are affordable to purchase online at places such as Amazon, Home Depot or even Bed Bath and Beyond. This nifty little contraption will “clean the grease” that you fried with by removing unwanted particles from the liquid, allowing you to store clean leftovers to use again rather than throwing it away, ultimately saving you money!

  1. Season your cast iron
  2. Use as a substitute for butter in recipes like grilled cheese sandwiches, I’ve even heard of people putting it in their chocolate chip cookies. I’m not sure about that but maybe it’s good
  3. Use to make eggs instead of oil or butter, scrambled and fried eggs are extra awesome with bacon grease instead of butter or vegetable oil
  4. Fried potatoes are amazing with bacon grease, just ask my techs
  5. Gravy is even tastier with bacon grease and a great way to use a tasty resource rather than pouring it down your drain
  6. Homemade tortillas
  7. Popcorn
  8. Baconnaise – which I have never personally tried but a friend says it’s awesome
  9. Mixing it into cornbread
  10. Biscuits… the right way

There are a ton of ideas and ways you can use bacon grease rather than putting it down your sink or sending it to the trash – a quick Google search or browse on Pinterest can have your creative taste buds making great use of this product rather than stopping your drain line.

Disposing of Grease

If you’re not going to reuse your grease, then disposing of it is your next best option. Grease that is used to fry and has burnt is a great example of excess that needs to be disposed of and you want to do this safely. My favorite way to dispose of grease is in an old metal coffee can. This way you can keep filling it up until it is full. We recommend putting this can into a bag and securing it so you don’t fill your dumpster full of grease if the lid comes off after throwing it away.

Small amounts of grease in your pans and dishes can add up over time and can cause harm to not just your plumbing but your dishwasher and disposal as well. Small amounts that are left on your pans are easily wiped away with a paper towel and disposed of in the trash.

Grease Stoppages Cannot be Cleared With a Cable

If you have a grease stoppage, it can’t be cleared by normal means of a drain machine and a cable. Lines that have grease in them have to be jetted– think of this like a pressure washer for the inside of your drain lines. Imagine a jar of peanut butter. Every time you use the peanut butter, within a short period of time the evidence is gone because it smooths back out. Peanut butter is only a fraction of the oil that having a grease stoppage is, but the same principle applies. A cable may clear a temporary pathway through the grease, but the grease will close in on itself again and have your line backed up. The only real solution to a grease stoppage is performing a jetting service to clean out the line and wash the grease away.

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