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As Licensed Plumbers, We Have Access to All Softeners | Why Do We Choose Nuvo?

Nuvo water softener in Phoenix
Both personally and professionally we have chosen Nuvo H2O as our primary water softening system, but why? We have access to every model water softener on the market, why did we choose Nuvo Water Softeners and Nuvo H20 for our own home in Phoenix and to educate clients on this system as an option?

Benefits of Choosing NuvoH20 Water System

To put it simply, I believe in this system, and here are a few points why:

  1. Softens Water Using Citrus

    The NuvoH2O softens water with citrus – not salt. This water softener naturally conditions water without the hassle of salt and without the potential health risks of salt. The process of chelation binds with hard water minerals so they cannot react with other elements to produce scale.

  2. Prevents and Removes Existing Scale

    Unlike salt-based softeners, Nuvo H2O not only prevents hard water build-up it also REMOVES existing scale! Seriously, how cool is it that this system will actually start to remove scale build-up on your current plumbing fixtures improving the quality of your plumbing? Over time our clients can actually watch mineral build-up on faucets and shower heads reverse. Prevention is amazing but reversing build-up is even better.

  3. No Waste or Electricity Required

    The NuvoH2O sets itself apart from traditional salt systems as it does not waste water and requires no electricity to run. This makes the NuvoH2O superior in long term cost to run since there is no water waste, reducing the cost of water and the cost of electricity required to run a salt based system

  4. Size Matters

    Size matters. Salt water systems take up a lot of space, not only with the system but with bags of salt stored nearby. The NuvoH2O system doesn’t take much more space than a garden hose hanging on the wall.

  5. Lightweight, Easy-to-Change Cartridges

    NuvoH2O cartridges are lightweight and easy to change out every six months. Many people struggle with the weight and awkwardness of large bags of salt, that is no longer the case with a simple cartridge that is replaced every six months by removing the canister and simply inserting the cartridge.

  6. Aftermath of Filter Breaking

    The aftermath of the filter breaking – When a salt softener screen breaks, the resign from the media tank actually contaminates your plumbing with resin that can be very costly to remove. Your entire plumbing system and water heater have to be flushed and often the parts inside your faucets, showers and toilets have to be replaced, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. If a NuvoH2O cartridge breaks, you end up with very pretty blue water that indicates that you need to shut off the by-pass valves and have the cartridge replaced. No painful and costly plumbing repairs and no going without water in your home until the plumber can repair your entire system.

  7. No Filmy Feeling

    The Nuvo H2O does not leave a filmy feeling when you shower, this is a common feeling that people experience with salt softening systems, so if you are in the market for a softener for that feeling, this is not the system for you, you should stick with traditional salt. If you are in the market for a softening system with the intention of extending the life of your plumbing, water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, faucets, shower valves and toilets the NuvoH2O should be at the top of your list of considerations.

  8. Can Be Upgraded

Getting a Quote in Phoenix for Nuvo Water Systems

If you like these 8 benefits of Nuvo H2O systems, don’t stop here. Give us a call today at 623-486-4657 there are a lot more advantages in choosing a Nuvo Water Softener for you’re home in Phoenix. We look forward to working with you.

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