1. What Backs Up A Sewer Line

    Let’s talk about stoppages today and what most people, including plumbers, think are common reasons that a sewer line will back up.  Stoppages are all too common, we clear hundreds of stoppages a week, in fact, it is one of the most common reasons a homeowner or businesses owner call a plumber. …Read More

  2. Polybutylene piping

    Polybutylene isn’t just hard to spell. Have you ever heard of polybutylene piping? It is unlikely unless you have recently gone to purchase or sell a home and discovered with a home inspection that the home had polybutylene pipe. If you have a home that has this piping, or are considering purchasi…Read More

  3. phoenix arizona water bill is high

    Do you have a high water bill?

    Do you have a high water bill? Simple steps to see if you are wasting water. One of the most common calls our team receives is the complaint of a high water bill.  Has your water bill gone up recently?  Maybe your water bill has gone up slowly over time, and you didn’t think much of it until you…Read More

  4. Summer Plumbing Tips

    Quarterly Plumbing Inspection Saves Big Money School’s out for summer Now I have that song stuck in my head!  As school let’s out for summer, I know the last thing on your mind is the condition of your plumbing, I know it wasn’t for me as my child was released for summer vacation.  All I was…Read More

  5. What Kind of Toilet Should I Buy

    Toilet Purchasing Tips From Robins Plumbing Oh boy, how exciting, you have to buy a new toilet!  Thrilling right?  Well, for most of us buying a new toilet is about as exciting as loading the dishwasher so let’s at least make it simple.  There are a lot of options for toilets on the market, and…Read More

  6. Busted copper pipe with frost forming on it - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Winter Plumbing Tips for Phoenix

    Winter Plumbing Tips for Phoenix Yes, even in phoenix we have winter Whether you’re a native to Phoenix like I am or you’re a visiting snowbird who is here to enjoy our mild winters there are still some plumbing preparations to consider as the colder month’s approach.  While Phoenix winters a…Read More

  7. A hand holding a glass under a running faucet - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Do You Have Pure Water

    Do You Have Pure Water? Is your drinking water clean? With all of the scary articles on social media feeds clients are becoming more and more concerned if their water is safe for their families to drink and bathe in. Despite the best efforts of our cities to keep water clean, there are still many co…Read More

  8. Stainless steel sink with water pouring out - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Cheap Plumbing Parts

    Cheap Plumbing Parts Saving money today can cost you big time in the future Trust me, I get it, plumbing isn’t necessarily something that we want to spend money on, it isn’t glamorous and often when it comes to plumbing we want to spend as little money as possible.  With that in mind I’d like…Read More

  9. Kitchen with white sink, blue cabinets, and black counters - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

    Farmhouse kitchen sinks This week in plumbing trends... There is a lot of kitchen remodeling in the Phoenix area and some of the looks our clients are coming up with are absolutely beautiful.  We are noticing a trend right now, many people are opting to convert from a traditional kitchen sink that …Read More

  10. A plumber attaching a hose to a water heater - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    how to avoid a costly flood with a water heater pan

    How to avoid a costly flood with a water heater pan It is our company philosophy to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions about the plumbing in their homes, with that being said, today I would like to educate you on the importance of a water heater pan and what it means to you…Read More