1. Salt-Free Scottsdale Means Money Back for You

    Scottsdale Is Going Salt-Free | Big Rebates! The Rundown The City of Scottsdale is offering a large rebate to its residents as an incentive to convert to salt-free water softeners, or completely remove their salt-based softeners altogether and return to hard water. Scottsdale’s residents and busin…Read More

  2. Photo of citrus on a table with Robins Plumbing logo for blog "Put Your Plumbing on a Citrus Diet"

    Put Your Plumbing on a Citrus Diet

    New Year Health Resolutions Aren't Just About Your Body Is it time to put your plumbing on a diet? Many of us set a resolution each year to improve the quality of our health, improve our bank accounts and have more time with family. We rarely think of the health of our plumbing, but the condition…Read More