1. Stainless steel sink with water pouring out for blog "Cheap Plumbing Parts"

    Cheap Plumbing Parts

    Saving Money Today May Cost You Big in the Future Trust me, I get it, plumbing isn’t necessarily something that we want to spend money on, it isn’t glamorous and often when it comes to plumbing we want to spend as little money as possible. With that in mind, I’d like to educate you on some plu…Read More

  2. Dual sink vanity in the bathroom for blog "Bathroom Vanities"

    Bathroom Vanities

    Plumbing Trends: Bathroom Vanities We are seeing a huge trend in residential bathrooms in the Phoenix area right now and that trend is converting furniture into bathroom vanities. This trend covers a wide variety of looks from ultramodern to rustic chic. There are tons of looks and ideas in magazin…Read More

  3. White porcelain farmhouse Kitchen Sink for blog "Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks"

    Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

    Plumbing Trends: Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks There is a lot of kitchen remodeling going on in the Phoenix area and some of the looks our clients are coming up with are absolutely beautiful.  We are noticing a trend right now, many people are opting to convert from a traditional kitchen sink that instal…Read More

  4. Plumbing technician by a Water Heater Pan to avoid plumbing damages for blog "Avoid a Costly Flood With a Water Heater Pan"

    Avoid a Costly Flood With a Water Heater Pan

    Water Heater Pans: Avoid a Costly Flood! It is our company philosophy to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions about the plumbing in their homes, with that being said, today I would like to educate you on the importance of a water heater pan and what it means to your home to h…Read More

  5. Crack in ceiling with water pouring out and hand reaching upwards towards crack for blog "Avoid Water Damage from Your Air Conditioner"

    Avoid Water Damage from Your Air Conditioner

    A/C Condensation Lines Can Cause Big Problems We aren’t in the air conditioning business so you wouldn’t think we would have a lot to say about air conditioning condensation lines – but we do!  Robins Plumbing is called out frequently for emergencies and once our tech is out there he discover…Read More

  6. Toddler playfully stuck in the toilet, looking towards the camera for blog "Bathroom Safety for Children"

    Bathroom Safety for Children

    There are lots of articles out there on how to keep your kids safe but what about keeping your plumbing safe from your children?  It happens to almost every parent, your child, that you love and adore flushes something down the toilet and inevitably you have to call the plumber.  As a mom myself, …Read More

  7. Water Heater with warranty sticker on the front of it for blog "Water Heater Warranty"

    Water Heater Warranty

    Is Your Water Heater Covered Under Warranty? No one looks forward to the day their water heater decides to start leaking. It happens to all of us eventually but what you may not know can cost you. If your heater is leaking from the tank it is NOT repairable. Once the inside glass lining of the tan…Read More

  8. avoiding a flood in phoenix during vacation

    How to Avoid a Flood During Vacation

    "School’s out for Summer!" Did you sing that in your head the way I just did? HA HA HA. Seriously though. Summer vacation is here for many families and that means vacations to cooler parts of the country. While clients are headed to beaches to enjoy the surf and escape our record breaking heat thi…Read More

  9. Plastic drain pipe with gunk in it for blog "Stoppages Aren’t Normal"

    Stoppages Aren’t Normal

    Do You Have Chronic Stoppages? Drain stoppages, though common, are not a normal occurrence.  Just like a health professional will tell you that headaches, though common, are not a normal occurrence.  If you have stoppages on a frequent basis (more than once a year) it is usually a sign that there …Read More

  10. Flowing water going down a drain for blog "Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Wreak Havoc"

    Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Wreak Havoc

    Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Wreak Havoc Most of us have seen the commercials. Your bathtub is backed up and all that you have to do is pour this magical solution down the drain and it clears your stoppage for you. Poof, like magic that clog is gone! The real life reality of it is that in almost 20…Read More