1. Plastic drain pipe with gunk in it for blog "Stoppages Aren’t Normal"

    Common Causes of Most Stoppages

    Hair Stoppages Common in-home stoppages are all too often the results of our hair building up, especially when household members have luscious, long locks. Shower and tub stoppages occur when hair clogs the drain and disrupts the needed flow. We’ve all seen how much hair builds up on our combs and…Read More

  2. Tis’ the Season… For Stoppages in Phoenix

    Drain Stoppages Are More Common During the Winter in Phoenix The team of Robins Plumbing clears thousands of stoppages a year, but did you know that stoppage are more prevalent during the winter months? Drain stoppages may seem like a normal occurrence, most of us have experienced a drain clog in ou…Read More

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    Drain Stoppage in Your Home

    Stoppage Got You Down? Don’t let drain problems ruin your day! There is no good time to have a stoppage but clogged drains seem to always pop up at the most unexpected and inconvenient times, like when you’re having a football gathering at your house with a ton of family and friends. If your fi…Read More

  4. Clay pipe with tree roots coming out of it for blog "Sewer Lines Causing Stoppage"

    Sewer Lines Causing Stoppage

    Got Roots Phoenix? You just found out you have roots in your sewer line... now what? Stoppages happen to lots of us, not a big deal most of the time but what can you expect if you find that your sewer line is actually backed up due to a broken sewer line or roots? Roots can be a big problem for Phoe…Read More

  5. Plastic drain pipe with gunk in it for blog "Stoppages Aren’t Normal"

    Stoppages Aren’t Normal

    Do You Have Chronic Stoppages? Drain stoppages, though common, are not a normal occurrence.  Just like a health professional will tell you that headaches, though common, are not a normal occurrence.  If you have stoppages on a frequent basis (more than once a year) it is usually a sign that there …Read More