1. Slurry pulled from a blocked toilet tank

    When Salt Water Softeners Break

    It is no secret that we have hard water in Phoenix. In fact, we have some of the hardest water in the country, and it is evident on our shower doors, our glass dishes, our plumbing fixtures and that hard-to-clean crud on our shower heads. Hard water is hard on our plumbing— it isn’t called hard…Read More

  2. Remnants found in toilet from a faulty water softener for blog "Water Softener Problems"

    Water Softener Problems

    When Salt Water Softeners Go Bad Fish eggs in your water? No, you haven’t struck a gold mine of caviar. We are called more often than you’d think with the strange and mysterious detection of fish eggs coming out of the shower. The first thing clients often think is that the city water supply has…Read More