1. Coiled copper pipe with calcification damage - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Best Plumbing Tip In Phoenix – Paper Towel

    Best plumbing tip in Phoenix - Paper towel Recently Robins Plumbing was featured on the radio with the Real Estate Guy, Chris Dunham sharing our expertise and plumbing tips for the “Home Physical Show”.  We had a lot of fun on that show and want to share some of our best plumbing tips for your …Read More

  2. A balding man holding his nose

    What’s That Smell

    What’s that smell?! After more than 19 years in plumbing in Phoenix one of the most common things I get asked by other moms is how to clear up the smell at the kitchen sink. The culprit is almost always the garbage disposal, but why and how do you clean a garbage disposal?  Your disposal essentia…Read More

  3. Arizona backyard with trees, cacti and a path to a house - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Landscaping Upgrades and Plumbing Thoughts

    Are you getting ready to do some landscaping upgrades?  A few words of caution before you start digging. In Phoenix, roots are often the culprit of stoppages.  In the Phoenix area we are taught to plant drought tolerant landscaping so that we use less water.  This is of course a fabulous idea, an…Read More

  4. Garbage disposal under kitchen sink - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Things to avoid putting down your garbage disposal

    Things to avoid putting down your garbage disposal Almost every single one of us has been guilty of jamming the disposal, and there doesn’t ever seem to be a convenient time to have your kitchen sink backed up, but have you ever noticed that it almost always seems to happen on a Holiday or right b…Read More

  5. Stainless steel sink in tan granite countertop - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    How to choose your next kitchen faucet

    [trx_image url="http://robinsplumbing.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Dollarphotoclub_86034507.jpg"] How to choose your next kitchen faucet I am often asked by homeowners whether they should invest in repairs of their old faucet or if they should buy a new one. When the question comes up, how are you…Read More