1. Root Intrusions of Sewer Line Super Villain

    Root Intrusions In Sewer Line Drain Cleaning Have you ever looked at a big beautiful tree and admired it?  I know I have, but do you know what else I see when I look at a large tree?  I see an evil super-villain lurking in the dark.  Okay, I’m being a little dramatic but work with me here, I’…Read More

  2. Tankless water heater maintenance

    Don’t spend your money on a tankless water heater unless you plan to take care of it I am a fan of tankless water heaters. Who wouldn’t be when you consider all they have to offer? A tankless water heater saves space, and if your garage is anything like my garage, space is in short supply. Tankl…Read More

  3. What Backs Up A Sewer Line

    Let’s talk about stoppages today and what most people, including plumbers, think are common reasons that a sewer line will back up.  Stoppages are all too common, we clear hundreds of stoppages a week, in fact, it is one of the most common reasons a homeowner or businesses owner call a plumber. …Read More

  4. Polybutylene piping

    Polybutylene isn’t just hard to spell. Have you ever heard of polybutylene piping? It is unlikely unless you have recently gone to purchase or sell a home and discovered with a home inspection that the home had polybutylene pipe. If you have a home that has this piping, or are considering purchasi…Read More

  5. phoenix arizona water bill is high

    Do you have a high water bill?

    Do you have a high water bill? Simple steps to see if you are wasting water. One of the most common calls our team receives is the complaint of a high water bill.  Has your water bill gone up recently?  Maybe your water bill has gone up slowly over time, and you didn’t think much of it until you…Read More

  6. Kitchen Sink Installation

    What you need to know if you’re having a kitchen sink installed. Kitchen remodeling is a huge trend right now.  New countertops, new cabinets – who wouldn’t want to upgrade their house to a home.  When we customize our homes, they become an expression of who we are, and we put a lot of thoug…Read More

  7. Citrus water softner

    Put Your Plumbing On A Citrus Diet

    NEW YEARS HEALTH RESOLUTIONS AREN’T JUST FOR YOUR BODY  Is it time to put your plumbing on a diet? Many of us set a resolution each year to improve the quality of our health, improve our bank accounts and have more time with family.  We rarely think of the health of our plumbing, but the condi…Read More

  8. So Much More Than Plumbing

    So Much More Than Plumbing Secret Santa Mission This blog is hard for me to write, simply because I don’t’ feel words can truly express how grateful we are to our clients.  Thanks to our clients, this year, we were able to adopt several families for Christmas that were struggling to make ends m…Read More

  9. Tis’ the Season for stoppages in Phoenix

    Tis’ the Season….for stoppages Drain stoppages are more common in the winter in the phoenix area.   The team of Robins Plumbing clears thousands of stoppages a year, but did you know that stoppage are more prevalent during the winter months? Drain stoppages may seem like a normal occurrence, mo…Read More

  10. Insta Hot Hot Water For Kitchen

    Instant Hot Water

    Instant Hot Water How To Get Instant Hot Water At Your Kitchen Sink   Do you ever wish you had instant clean hot water at your fingertips whenever you wanted?  That cup of tea, that cup of cocoa, a cup of soup.  Many of us during the winter months enjoy having hot beverages but warming up the wat…Read More