1. Repair Or Replace Water Heater

    Should I Repair or Replace My Water Heater? When is it smart to repair your water heater and when is it a waste of money? We respond to no hot water calls in the Phoenix area every day.  Water heaters are one of those things we just don’t think about until they don’t work.  Whether you have a …Read More

  2. 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

    Robins Plumbing Provides 24 hour Emergency Service What sets robins plumbing apart during a plumbing emergency There is no such thing as a good time to have a plumbing problem.  It is never convenient to have a plumbing stoppage, a water heater leaking or to have a leak that is flooding your house,…Read More

  3. Phoenix Plumbing Robins Plumbing, Inc

    A Company Built on Values

    A Company Built on Values Growth When Robins Plumbing, Inc started in 2004 it wasn’t because there was a need for more plumbing companies in the world, it was because there was a need for more TRUSTWORTHY companies in the world.  In 2004 we found ourselves leaving a dishonest company because we c…Read More

  4. What Not To Flush Down The Toilet

    What Not To Flush Down The Toilet So, you think you can flush that? 4 Things you shouldn’t flush that you thought you could We see it all the time, unknowing clients having to learn the hard way that some things, despite the box from the manufacturer saying safe to flush, should not go down your t…Read More

  5. Copper Pipe Plumbing

    Copper Pipe Plumbing Think you know about copper pipe?  Let’s see. Copper pipe has been around since the dawn of plumbing, well not quite,  aqua ducts came first, then galvanized pipe was used for domestic water lines from the late 1800’s till around 1960 and that is when copper pipe took over…Read More

  6. Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Contractor

    Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Contractor Why is it more to hire a licensed contractor? Is hiring a licensed contractor really worth the extra cost? I get it, we all want affordability when hiring a service company for our homes, but why is it more to hire a licensed contractor? Before you trust your home …Read More

  7. Rooftop Drain Cleaning

    Rooftop Drain cleaning More and more companies are not offering roof top drain cleans! I recently wrote a blog about ground level cleanouts, what they are and why you should have them.  What if you don’t?  What if your line is backed up and you can’t use your sewer and you discover you don’t…Read More

  8. Why Did We Choose Nuvo Water Softeners

    AS LICENSED PLUMBERS WE HAVE ACCESS TO ALL SOFTENERS, WHY DO WE CHOOSE NUVO ? Both personally and professionally we have chosen Nuvo H2O as our primary water softening system, but why? We have access to every model water softener on the market, why did we choose Nuvo Water Softeners and Nuvo H20 for…Read More

  9. Adding A Gas Line

    Adding A gas line Remodeling is a super-hot trend right now, and plumbing is a big part of that.  With additions to kitchens and even into backyards a daily request from our clients is to add gas lines to gas appliances.  Whether you’re looking to change out your electric stove for gas or you wa…Read More

  10. Leaking Water Heater

    Leaking Water Heater What to do immediately when your water heater starts leaking? No one has invented a water heater yet that doesn’t eventually leak, in fact the only way to prevent a leaking water heater is to replace it before it starts leaking.  We don’t plan for our water heaters to leak …Read More