1. Water Heater Anode Rod

    WHAT IS AN ANODE ROD? What do you think an anode rod is?  Take a guess.  No, it isn’t some mysterious rod abandoned by aliens and left in the desert for an excavation team to find and take over the world with.  Good guess though! An anode rod may not be an alien device that can take over the wo…Read More

  2. Plumber Near Me

    COMPETITIVE MARKET   Online advertising for plumbing companies is not cheap, in fact, plumbing is one of the most competitive markets for advertising there is.  Did you know that a pay per click ad for drain cleaning can range between $50.00 - $70.00 per click?  That cost is per click, not cost p…Read More

  3. Leaving The Home Office Behind

    ROBINS PLUMBING IS MOVINIG You might have seen my post on Facebook a few days ago, Robins Plumbing has a new nest!  I started Robins Plumbing in 2004 from humble beginnings, by humble I mean my spare bedroom. For 14 years I have dedicated my home and my life to Robins Plumbing, our clients and empl…Read More

  4. The Top Signs Your Water Heater Needs To Be Replaced

    The water heater in your Arizona home is essential for a variety of everyday tasks. From taking a steamy shower in the morning to washing the dishes at night once the kids are put to bed, we rely heavily on our water heaters to live comfortably. When your water heater stops working efficiently or br…Read More

  5. Backflow Repairs

    BackFlow Repairs CITY OF PHOENIX ADOPTS 2018 UNIFORM PLUMBING CODE  Business owners in the Phoenix area are familiar with their annual Backflow test requirements.  A letter comes from the city each year informing you that it is time for your annual inspection, and if you don’t comply, the city …Read More

  6. All Parts Are Not Created Equal

    At Robins Plumbing we promise our clients “A Higher Level of Service,” and that means a lot more to us than the service we provide, it also means we provide the highest level of plumbing parts on the market.  We promise not to cut corners to save a buck, but rather invest in the parts that we p…Read More


    Do you know what is in your water?     I am your average homeowner.  I have a busy life, and like you, Christmas in July pops up, and I am asking myself where the heck the first six months of the year went.  How is this possible?  I just got over Christmas in December; it can’t seriously be C…Read More

  8. Don’t Wait All Day For A Plumber

    Don’t get caught waiting – we will call you! I am constantly putting myself in the client’s shoes, and you know what? The client’s shoes aren’t always fun to wear; in fact, they are often uncomfortable. It can be easy for me to take for granted that my clients will have an amazing experien…Read More

  9. higher level of service


    A HIGHER LEVEL OF SERVICE OUR MISSION AND PROMISE When I started Robins Plumbing it wasn’t because the Phoenix area needed another plumber, I started Robins Plumbing because Phoenix needed a plumber that they could trust. Our mission statement since opening our doors back in 2004 has been. Finally…Read More


    WHO OWNS ROBINS PLUMBING?  GET TO KNOW THE OWNER OF ROBINS PLUMBING  Get ready for a shock!  That woman that answers the phone all day and writes those crazy blogs, it is me!  Hello, let me introduce myself.  My name is not Robin.  My name is Stephanie…..Robins.  I get called Robin a lot …Read More