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Winter Plumbing Tips for Phoenix

Yes, even in phoenix we have winter

Whether you’re a native to Phoenix like I am or you’re a visiting snowbird who is here to enjoy our mild winters there are still some plumbing preparations to consider as the colder month’s approach.  While Phoenix winters are mild in comparison to many of the other parts of the country we are not exempt from freezes.  Plumbing in Phoenix is often exposed to the elements and this can be a big problem when our temperatures drop raplumbing tips for phoenixther than spike.

  • Flush out your water heater. Your water heater has to work harder during the colder months, flushing your water heater will ensure that you have as much storage space as possible in your tank style water heater.  Sediment take away gallons of capacity for storing hot water.


  • Turn up your water heater.  Ground temperatures drop and in Phoenix we have a very shallow frost line, this means that your water lines are not very deep, in order to compensate you may want to increase the temperature of your water heater so that you’re able to maintain the same temperature you’re accustomed too.


  • Locate your main water valve. Before the temperature drops make sure you know where the emergency shut off valve is and make sure it is in working order.  If you end up with a frozen pipe that bursts you want to be able to shut down your water in case of a plumbing emergency.  Your shut off valve is typically located at the front of your home near where you connect your hose.


  • Be aware of freezing temperatures. Stay in the know on dropping temperatures, when Phoenix reaches freezing temperatures it isn’t just important to cover and protect our landscaping it is also important to turn our plumbing on.  That’s right, a slow drizzle on your faucet will keep enough movement in your plumbing system to prevent your water lines from freezing and bursting.

If you’re looking to be proactive this winter and avoid a plumbing catastrophe you can call our office to schedule a free plumbing home inspection valued at 189.00 if you’re a Loyalty Member.  It is easy to sign up and easy to schedule, one of our plumbing professionals will be happy to walk your plumbing system with you to make sure it is in tip top shape.