If you’re looking for a solution to hard water in your Phoenix home you may have discovered that there is a ton of information online about water softeners and water treatment systems. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different products on the market for softening your water and for conditioning your water and the abundance of information can be overwhelming. One of the questions we are asked when our clients are interested in softening their water to eliminate hard water in their homes is if a Nuvo H2O is a water softener or a water conditioner. Many of our clients want to soften their hard water without the use of salt and a Nuvo H2O is an incredible solution for doing that but is it a water softener or a water condition? I got down to the bottom of it by asking Nuvo themselves. According to Nuvo H2O they are BOTH!

Is Nuvo H20 a Water Softener?

I’ve had several people argue that a Nuvo H2O is not technically a water softener because a Nuvo Water softener leaves the calcium as well as other minerals and nutrients in your water. I can understand this thinking because the traditional concept of water softening from salt water softeners is that all of the minerals are removed from your water in order to make it soft and are replaced with sodium. That is not the definition of soft water though, just one example of how the result of soft water is created. To have the technical definition of soft water the calcium-carbonate can no longer be in your water, Nuvo H2O achieves soft water by changing calcium-carbonate into calcium-citrate which is not the hard form of calcium. They accomplish this through the process of chelation rather than an ion exchange like.

Is the Nuvo H2O the right choice for your water softening needs?

The Nuvo H2O water softener has a lot to offer in a small package. The Nuvo H20 softens your water, conditions your water and with the right system can make your water taste better by removing impurities like chlorine and other chemicals. Some benefits of choosing a Nuvo H20 vs a traditional salt softener is that there is no need for electricity, no need for heavy bags of salt, no sodium added to your water and no drain line is required. If you’re looking for a quick guide on the benefits of choosing a Nuvo H2O for your home check out or blog that explains more.

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