WHO OWNS ROBINS PLUMBING?  GET TO KNOW THE OWNER OF ROBINS PLUMBING  Get ready for a shock!  That woman that answers the phone all day and writes those crazy blogs, it is me!  Hello, let me introduce myself.  My name is not Robin.  My name is Stephanie…..Robins.  I get called Robin a lot …Read More

  2. Root Intrusions of Sewer Line Super Villain

    Root Intrusions In Sewer Line Drain Cleaning Have you ever looked at a big beautiful tree and admired it?  I know I have, but do you know what else I see when I look at a large tree?  I see an evil super-villain lurking in the dark.  Okay, I’m being a little dramatic but work with me here, I’…Read More

  3. Tankless water heater maintenance

    Don’t spend your money on a tankless water heater unless you plan to take care of it I am a fan of tankless water heaters. Who wouldn’t be when you consider all they have to offer? A tankless water heater saves space, and if your garage is anything like my garage, space is in short supply. Tankl…Read More


    HOW I CHOSE MY KITCHEN FAUCET  FAUCET FEATURES I recently found myself in need of a new kitchen faucet.  The sprayer hose on my old faucet had a bubble in it that we were fortunate to find during our annual plumbing home inspection, preventing a huge flood.  I never look under my sink and inspe…Read More

  5. Phoenix Plumbing Robins Plumbing, Inc

    A Company Built on Values

    A Company Built on Values Growth When Robins Plumbing, Inc started in 2004 it wasn’t because there was a need for more plumbing companies in the world, it was because there was a need for more TRUSTWORTHY companies in the world.  In 2004 we found ourselves leaving a dishonest company because we c…Read More

  6. What Not To Flush Down The Toilet

    What Not To Flush Down The Toilet So, you think you can flush that? 4 Things you shouldn’t flush that you thought you could We see it all the time, unknowing clients having to learn the hard way that some things, despite the box from the manufacturer saying safe to flush, should not go down your t…Read More

  7. Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Contractor

    Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Contractor Why is it more to hire a licensed contractor? Is hiring a licensed contractor really worth the extra cost? I get it, we all want affordability when hiring a service company for our homes, but why is it more to hire a licensed contractor? Before you trust your home …Read More

  8. Adding A Gas Line

    Adding A gas line Remodeling is a super-hot trend right now, and plumbing is a big part of that.  With additions to kitchens and even into backyards a daily request from our clients is to add gas lines to gas appliances.  Whether you’re looking to change out your electric stove for gas or you wa…Read More

  9. Water Heater Dimensions

    The Size of Water Heaters are Growing We are noticing more and more that water heaters just don’t fit anymore.  Clients with water heaters inside closets and 3 walled cubby holes are discovering that the same gallon capacity that they currently have doesn’t fit anymore.  Water heaters have und…Read More

  10. Halved coconut next to spoon with coconut flesh in it - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Coconut oil and plumbing

    Coconut oil and Plumbing What the health blogs don’t tell you Coconut oil is all the rave right now.  You can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing an article luring you to check into the health benefits of coconut oil.   Coconut oil isn’t just for the kitchen anymore, we are seeing it us…Read More