1. Plumbing Loyalty and Referral Program

    Plumbing Loyalty and Referral Program Our Loyalty/referral program is aimed to save clients’ money on plumbing repairs! Have you ever noticed how many companies offer discounts, promotions or savings for new customers but don’t offer any kind of reward for remaining a loyal customer?  I have, a…Read More

  2. Commercial Emergency Plumbers

    Commercial Emergency Plumbers Robins Plumbing Saves the day Today’s blog is inspired, an emergency plumbing project quickly reminded me of what my team does best, they pull together to make miracles happen.  A longstanding commercial property management company called after 7 pm with an emergency…Read More

  3. Commercial Property Management

    Commercial Property Management Robins plumbing improves relations between property management companies and their clients If you’re a property manager, or know a property manager you know that it is an incredibly stressful job.  Property managers don’t just sit behind a desk and collect a check…Read More

  4. Drain Stoppage due to Grease

    Grease Clogged Pipes

    Grease Clogged Pipes Do you know what that is?  That my friends is a grease stoppage in a p-trap.  Friends don’t let friends put grease down their drain line.  Almost daily we clear a grease stoppage for clients and I am here to educate you that grease and plumbing don’t mix.  Grease will al…Read More

  5. Phoenix Flood Prevention

    Flood Damage Repair Costs

    Flood Damage Repair Costs What could a flood cost you? Preventing a flood could save you big money! No one plans for a flood, in fact when we are planning for the future we plan for wonderful things to happen, vacations and the like.  We don’t plan for plumbing problems, we don’t plan for water…Read More

  6. Two PVC pipes with copper seals - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Home Repiping in Ahwatukee

    Home Repiping in Ahwatukee Poly piping is still a problem in the Ahwatukee area causing many home owners to need repiping done. Polybutylene pipe, though illegal in the United States for two decades is still an issue in the Phoenix area, especially in the gorgeous area of the Ahwatukee Foothills. …Read More

  7. Water Heater Dimensions

    The Size of Water Heaters are Growing We are noticing more and more that water heaters just don’t fit anymore.  Clients with water heaters inside closets and 3 walled cubby holes are discovering that the same gallon capacity that they currently have doesn’t fit anymore.  Water heaters have und…Read More

  8. Water Softener Problems

    When Salt Water Softeners Go Bad Fish eggs in your water?  No, you haven’t struck a gold mine of caviar.  We are called more often than you’d think with the strange and mysterious detection of fish eggs coming out of the shower.  The first thing clients often think is that the city water supp…Read More

  9. What Kind of Toilet Should I Buy

    Toilet Purchasing Tips From Robins Plumbing Oh boy, how exciting, you have to buy a new toilet!  Thrilling right?  Well, for most of us buying a new toilet is about as exciting as loading the dishwasher so let’s at least make it simple.  There are a lot of options for toilets on the market, and…Read More

  10. A white water heater - Robins Plumbing Inc.

    Mobile Home Water Heater

    can you use a regular water heater in a mobile home? We are frequently asked, and often too late, if a standard tank style water heater can be installed in a mobile home aka manufactured home.  The short answer is No.  Manufactured homes have very specific requirements for code compliance on water…Read More